Choosing and Using Your Wiccan Wand

wiccan wand - dragon star creations
Amethyst brass wand

The Power of a Wiccan Wand

When you think about a wand – I mean really, really think about it – it’s really quite a potent tool, hence it’s use in Wiccan Magick.

At first glance, to some, it may just seem like a prop, or symbol of magick only, but for those who get to know it more, they will soon discover how very useful a wand is.

I always remember learning that when you point your finger at somebody, this is quite a powerful maneuver in terms of energy. If you point your finger in anger the action is extremely aggressive because you shoot from your finger all of the energy you have whipped up in your angry outburst.

Equally you may point at something to draw attention to it; but when you point your finger to show something, the energy is different – it’s somewhat inviting, equally powerful, but more gentle and this is how I imagine energy from a wand to be used.


wiccan wand - allwicca2
Crystal quartz wand

History & Traditions Of The Witches Wand

This idea reflects in the history of the use of wands in Wiccan tradition, where a wand was used to channel energy in a gentle, inviting way.

To create their wands way back in history, practitioners would prune a piece of wood, even choosing the wood for its specific qualities, then they would add symbols and decorations – such as crystals, to add a personal touch, and a certain ‘flavour’ to the energy that they were working with.

The history of wands is very diverse and not just based in Wiccan practice. They have a presence amongst many traditions such as Shamanism, during Egyptian times and in Greek/Roman mythology.

wiccan wand - allwicca
Pentagram wand

How to Use a Wand in Wiccan Practice

Wands are held in the hand, and are used to either draw sacred symbols or to guide energy to a desired location for a specific purpose – for example to send healing.

The wand can also be placed base down to draw down energy such as the moon’s energy or to transmute negative energy.

There are no hard and fast rules as to how a wand should be used though, it really is down to the practitioner’s preference. Although it should always be used for white magic.

After you’ve used your wand it is important to cleanse it. You could do this by using a smudge stick, visualisation or by blowing down the wand to remove any residual energy.

wiccan wand-noble collection
Harry Potter replica magic wand

Choosing a Wand

Choosing a wand can be as simple as looking at one and meditating with it to get to know it, and attempting to learn how to work with it as you go, selecting from a selection of wands the wand that you are most drawn too, or as creative and focused as selecting the materials that the wand is made out of for their specific properties and using the wand for a specific purpose.

The process is really the same sort of process that you would use when selecting crystals, herbs, candles etc.

I personally like the thought of having a standard wand to use most of the time, but as I develop my practice perhaps using more specific wands to say heal, or banish or encourage energy…

To help you select a wand based on its properties, we’ve included a list of the wood meanings for wands and also beneficial crystals that you can attach to your wand for extra potency!

wiccan wand - k exclusive
Twisted rosewood and crystal quartz wand

Wand Wood Meanings

  • Oak – Protects and brings luck, and is great for wisdom, healing and money spells.
  • Almond – Described as ‘sweet and natural’, and used for self-protection. Its aspects are fruitfulness and purity, and it’s also great for love magic.
  • Birch – Cleansing, purifying, and the bringer of new beginnings, a great wood to use if you are healing, or creating change spells.
  • Pine – If you want to use your wand to create magic that overcomes hardship and adversity, then Pine wood is the wood for you. It represents the energy of fire and also rebirth, and immortality.
  • Ash – Use Ash wood if you want to make a healing wand, for it protects and purifies.
  • Beech – If you want to increase your creative powers then Beech is your best option. It is also said to grant wishes!
  • Elder – Be careful with Elder, it’s considered to be a sacred tree and the saying goes that wands should only be made from fallen wood. It can protect, heal and bring prosperity but its properties are generally considered to be magical in all ways. The perfect wood for an all round wand, if you are ever lucky enough to find some fallen wood.
  • Rowan – Protective, and will guard you from evil spirits. It brings success and has healing and psychic enhancement qualities too – a true witch’s tree!
  • Willow – If moon magic is your thing, Willow wood is your best friend. Its properties will be enhanced during moon work and it works well with love, healing and divination too.
  • Rose Wood – Perfect for creating True Love Spells, it is gentle and healing, and is also connected to fertility too.
  • Linden – For the healers out there, Linden wood is a good option for it has strong medicine and healing properties, plus it has a strong sense of justice.
  • Lilac – With Lilac in your hand the only option you will have is to create love, beauty, harmony and balance. Also good for exorcising ghosts from homes!
  • Larch – Protects people and animals from harm, and guards against fake charmers
  • Ivy – Use Ivy wood for work with women, it represents mystery and magic but also brings genuine and honest relationships.
wiccan wand - NA school of witchcraft
Handcrafted wood wand

Crystal Wands

  • Agate – This stone is related to new beginnings, so if you are using your wand to banish or to bring forth new opportunities, agate would be useful to help you bring about the changes you desire.
  • Carnelian – It is a protector and wards off negativity, hexes and curses; you could also use its energy to protect the integrity and potency of your spells.
  • Hematite – A psychic stone which can be used to clear and balance mental energy (air energy), and is useful for solving problems and protection.
  • Jade – Brings healing and balance into your spell work.
  • Jasper – Brings luck and good fortune, plus it is also a great healing stone
  • Malachite – Brings wishes and desires and creates calm.
  • Rose Quartz – Brings love, and loving energy to your spells.
wiccan wands- abundant earthworks
 Gemstone wands

How to Make a Magic Wand

It’s really simple to make your own magic wand, here are some instructions to help you get started:

You’ll Need:

  • 1 x Piece of wood
  • 1 x Sharp knife (whittling knife)
  • Sandpaper
  • Decorations
  1. Find a branch of your chosen wood.

  2. Use a knife to shave away the bark if desired.

  3. Whittle the end of the branch to a point.

  4. Sand the wand down

  5. Add your chosen symbols, crystals or decorations.

  6. Meditate with it, to start connecting

  7. Start using it in your magic spells!

make a wiccan wand
You can use wire wrapping to add a crystal to your wand!


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