What is a Kitchen Witch?

Do you like cooking? Creating something new with your hands and a bit of fire? Do you feel something magical is about to happen whenever you get ready to work in the kitchen? If you answered yes to these questions you are likely a kitchen witch and you need to know a few things about the magick you use and your powers.

Before we start though, please note that there is a possibility that you are a mixture of archetypes, not only a kitchen witch. Research other types of witches as well, so you can get a better idea of what you are.

What is kitchen magick?

In short: anything that has to do with making food and potions. They all technically fit into this category, but the truth is actually a little more complicated than a simple sentence.

First of all, the core of kitchen magick is in the ingredients. Mainly herbs, although many other items have magical properties as well. The associations are the key here, a kitchen witch knows all about what basil, rosemary, and marjoram do, not only to the taste but to the final effect as well. They know what it takes to make a dish that will give the consumer luck or confidence, but also is delicious.

There is another “ingredient” you have to take into account though too. Intent. Every witch needs to braid their intent into their magick, otherwise, the results won’t be satisfactory and that goes for kitchen witches too. There is a good reason why many people say that a tasty meal is made “with love”. It’s actually just intent. Witchcraft is a huge part of our lives, whether people can see that or not, but it’s very clear if you look at our language.

And of course, potions. Nowadays this is quite rare though, as we now know that many of these drinks could very well be bad for our health even if we intend on making our lives better with it. If you want to craft potions I suggest you make ones that aren’t supposed to be consumed, but put on the body or kept close to the user. That way you can be sure that you don’t accidentally poison someone.

What are some traits of a kitchen witch?

  • Loves to invent new recipes
  • Can’t get enough of the smell of fresh herbs in food
  • Their cooking is out of this world
  • Barely needs to taste what they are making to know what else it needs
  • They are the first one you think of while planning a potluck

Are you born to be a kitchen witch?

If you think of cooking you know that there are some people who are really passionate about it and others… Well, they aren’t as much. This raises some questions, like: Is everyone who likes to mess around in the kitchen a kitchen witch? Or: Are you born with the ability to practice kitchen magick?

Let’s answer these first two before we go forward. Firstly, they kind of are, but those who don’t believe in magick simply won’t even think of this fact. But the love they have for their craft is magical enough.

Secondly, no. Your environment influences your personality and thus, your hobbies. This includes cooking and baking, of course. If you were raised in a household where you were made to feel bad about it, like by making it an awful chore, you likely don’t like to cook even now. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t learn how to love it. Things can change and if you want to become a kitchen witch nothing is stopping you.

And finally, nobody has kitchen witch powers to begin with. Similarly, if you aren’t good at it, it doesn’t mean that you never will be. It’s not a talent or a gift that you are blessed with or a curse because kitchen magick is typically the one that requires practice, time, and effort. If you are willing to adapt to this, then you can become a new archetype.

I’m a kitchen witch or I want to be a kitchen witch! What should I do?

Congratulations on the discovery, first of all. Taking this first step is a huge one, but it won’t even matter once you realize what is ahead of you. You will need to sacrifice quite a lot of time if you want to be successful in this magick, but trust me, it’s going to be worth it in the end.

So, here are some things you should start with:

Know what you like to make

Do you like to make soup? Meat? Dessert? Either way, they all have an association and if you know what you like to make then it can help you discover what you’re good at. For example, those who can make the tastiest and most creative soups tend to be homemakers and like to practice in both covens and alone. Meatheads are great with strength and confidence spells. Those with a sweet tooth who can make a killer cake are usually better at creating love and friendship bonds.

Practice whenever you’re in the mood

If you have the means to do so, of course. Being a broke college student and cooking food you may not even eat doesn’t mix well, so please stay aware of your financial situation.

As a kitchen witch myself, I cook and bake whenever I please. Half the time it’s not even me eating that food, but family members and friends. Or if even they had enough then I can just bring a batch of freshly baked cookies to the teens hanging out at the local park. Or the elderly who sit in front of our apartment complex. There will always be someone who appreciates what you made and sharing it will only bring you good karma. Although, that shouldn’t be the main reason why you do it.

Make sure that your knowledge is up to date

As I have mentioned before, most of the kitchen magick lies within the ingredients. If you don’t know what associations your herbs have you will end up with a weird mixture that might taste good, but won’t have any magical properties.

I suggest you take some time and look up everything you have online. Label them with their name plus whatever they do. This will ensure that you always know what’s going on in a dish and after a while, you will know what everything does without having to read it.

Final thoughts

Being a kitchen witch is amazing, so if you feel drawn to it count your blessings, thank whatever deity you believe in and start practicing. Now you know what the first steps are, so there really isn’t any reason for you to wait around any more.

heidiHeidi Caedere – Writer, witch and wanderer. I’m here to help my fellow modern witches succeed with their craft and spellwork so that we may make our own lives or the world slightly better.

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