How Your Past Life Affects Your Life Purpose

The person you are today might not be because of your conscious choices alone. You may have found yourself suddenly drawn to make a specific decision or pursue a certain profession that changed your life entirely. You may have even been born with disadvantages that affect how you’ve been able to live your life. These circumstances may just be remnants of your previous lives that are affecting your life purpose today.

past lives

Lessons Unlearned

As an eternal spirit incarnated into a finite vessel, you receive precious few years on this material plane to grow as a spirit and to learn about the universe and the world around you. For many souls, one lifetime of learning just isn’t enough time to learn all of the lessons required to grow into a fully formed sentient being of love and light. Sometimes, these souls need more than one lifetime to learn all of their lessons.

Should you find that you were born with a certain challenge to overcome or with a certain type of disadvantage, this could be due to your experiences from a previous life. Some people are born into an impoverished life through no fault of their own. If this happened to you, it could be because you need to learn a lesson about humility. Perhaps, in a previous life, you were a wealthy socialite who didn’t care much for the people living in the lower classes of society. Moving from a lifetime of wealth and privilege to a lifetime of poverty can help to teach a soul humility, understanding, and patience.

If you happened to be born with a disposition to be overweight, this could be a way for your soul to learn a universal lesson about compassion. Perhaps, in a previous life, you were slender and attractive, but you laughed and humiliated those who weren’t as physically fit as you were. To teach your soul a lesson in compassion, respect, and kindness, you were given another lifetime as one of the very people you used to mock.

The list of lessons to be learned from being born into a different life from your previous one is virtually endless. Before you succumb to a sense of defeat or a sense of anger over your current situation, consider taking a moment to closely examine your life and see if there are any lessons to be learned that could help to elevate you into a better situation.

For this reason, many seek out the services of a psychic professional. A psychic expert who specializes in past life readings can provide valuable insight into one’s prior origins, and shed some much-needed light on the purpose of your present incarnation. A reputable psychic may apply a number of methods to discern your past lives, such as energy and aura readings, divination, and scrying, to name a few. Particularly intuitive psychics will sense from the first conversation with you what your journey has entailed in bygone eras. Even the best online psychics will be able to guide you through choices made in former lives, that continue to affect the outcome of your well-being today. Not only will a psychic help you navigate your past lives and clear up energy blockages due to confusion and despair wrought from previous incarnations, they may be able to ease the burden of pursuing that journey alone.

Memories, Professional Decisions, and Desires

Have you ever experienced the sudden phenomenon called deja vu? It’s something that everyone has experienced in their lifetime but maybe haven’t been able to define it in words. Simply put, deja vu is the sense that you’ve experienced a certain moment once before. This could occur during a conversation with someone, during a moment of inner monologue, or just a moment of performing a simple task. The sense that you’ve experienced a moment before could be something more than just a passing sensation to be disregarded.

Deja vu could be remnants of your previous life bleeding into your current life to remind you that you’ve been here and done this once before. With this being said, if you can experience a moment from your previous life, imagine what else you could be experiencing right now that is also affecting how you live your life today. Here is where a professional psychic can help you assess those moments with clarity, and lend their own intuitive gifts to determining the underlying meaning in such instances.

It can be difficult to step outside of yourself and fully evaluate a particular experience with a clear head and lack of ego, and a psychic can provide unbiased information regarding these sensations. Your psychic advisor will never judge or chastise you for your past life actions, as he or she understands–perhaps better than most–how arduous the soul’s journey can be. Nothing is black and white in the psychic realm, and the choices we make, be they good or bad, can shape us into valuable beings.

You’ve more than likely made decisions that didn’t seem to make sense to you at the time, but it felt like the right thing to do. Every cell in your body urged you to make this decision. Even the universe seemed to align the planets to allow you to accomplish something you never thought possible. This could be more than just luck or pleasant happenstance. This could be an influence from your previous life which is pushing you to make specific decisions. These influences could stem from unfinished business regarding the subject of those decisions or it could stem from a familiar desire that never really died during one of your previous lives.

This influence can also apply to specific professions. If you find yourself inexplicably drawn to be a doctor, a soldier, a fashion designer, or any other type of profession, this could be the influence of a previous life. Often times, your soul will seek comfort from familiar situations. If you performed a specific profession during a previous life, your soul may desire to continue working in that profession to acquire a much-needed sense of comfort and familiarity.

Should you find yourself drawn to make a specific decision or a strong desire to work in a specific profession, it could be the echoes of your previous life wishing to fulfill a once cherished desire. This is important to the person whom you used to be, so it should be executed carefully and mindfully.

We each have a sacred purpose in the cosmic realm, and the roles we return to in each reincarnation are determined by the lessons we’ve learned and are ready to apply to a higher calling. The actions of your past lives may have brought you to the place you are today, but that doesn’t mean you are condemned to remain there.

– By Michelle Maxwell

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