Magickal Moon Phases – a Journey with the Moon

Magick can always be conjured up, whenever the desire takes. However, there is a school of thought expressing that timing your magick to align with the lunar cycles infuses your spells and magick with the mysterious power of the moon.

Our sacred moon has a profound energetic influence upon our inner-world; her emotions are radiated down to earth, provoking us to feel identical emotions to her. She is bewitching, beguiling and can shift from heightened energy to yearning in just 29.5 days. Her phases create the perfect climate for a melange of spells – it’s no surprise that creating magick in alignment with the moon’s cycles is common in the practice of Witchcraft.

Moon magick phases
Art by Emily Balivet

New Moon

This is the time when the moon is invisible to Earth. Her reflections are blocked by the Sun, but the energy is fresh and ripe for starting anew; now is a good time to plan, to start new habits, new projects and to move on from anything that is unhelpful to you, it’s also a good time to bring about change and growth into your life.

New Moon Magick

This is the moment for cleansing and purification spells and charms, it is also beneficial to create luck magick for example: to attract enough money to meet your needs for the month, or even to make a wish.

To make a New Moon wish:

  1. At the beginning of the new moon cycle go outdoors and look up to the moon.

  2. Create a simple ritual such as lighting a candle, turning around three times or offering thanks to the moon.

  3. Send your wish to the moon.

  4. Thank the moon for her grace.

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moon phases

Waxing Moon

The energy of the moon is building with the arrival of the waxing moon, who will be present for around seven days after the new moon and – because she is growing and building up to full capacity – she supports creation.

The projects and plans that have been made under the new moon are swinging into action and it’s now time to move forward with your plans. It’s a good time for absorption, taking in vitamins, learning and working with your magickal garden if you have one.

Be warned! The potential for over-doing is also prevalent under the moon’s spell and maintaining temperance is especially important.

Waxing Moon Magick

Magick that occurs now brings things; so if there is something that you wish to bring into your life – now is the time, whether that be love, fertility, friendship, money and so on. It’s a good time to meditate with the moon or to work on new spells now – the moon will bring you new insights.

Use this spell for enhancing your concentration and to learn new insights.

Waxing moon spell for focusing.


  • A candle (ideally yellow)

  • Something to carve symbols into the candle

  • Small piece of paper and a pen

  • A flame proof dish

    1. Gather your tools

    2. Carve a symbol that represents concentration and wisdom to you, into the candle.

    3. Light the candle, focus on it and centre yourself.

    4. Imagine the light filling your head making it clear focused and alert.

    5. Chant the following;

      ‘Bright and lively is this flame
      I will my mind to be the same
      Disorganised thoughts disappear
      Moments of clarity are very near
      I’ll be attentive as it burns
      Focusing on everything as I work
      I’ll focus well and study hard
      Success will be my due reward’

    6. Draw a symbol that represents disorganised thoughts on a piece of paper. As it burns, imagine the same thing happening to any distracting thoughts.

    7. Work within your circle, keeping the candle lit as you work.

    8. When your work is complete, snuff out your candle and close your circle.

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full moon magick

Full Moon

Occurring around 14 days after the new moon, the full moon arrives. The moon is at her peak now, her energy is high, she is beaming down upon us. This energy heightens our emotions, for good or bad, so it can often be a tricky time or a wonderful time depending upon the dominating energy.

This is the time to finalise your projects in preparation for the quieter energy that is coming. It’s also a good time to reflect on your life and your inner-world. Dreams might be more profound now. Appreciating what you have in your life, and noticing that which no longer serves you is wise too.

Full Moon Magick

When the moon is just past full, it’s the perfect climate to create magick for banishing addictions, helping with decisions, arranging divorce, managing emotions and stress and protecting. Also for building knowledge and sharing, creating a calming environment, and aiding communication, or meditation. It’s a busy time!

If there is something that requires extra power now, such as a serious problem at home or an illness, then this is the best time to work magick to counter it. It’s the perfect time for protection spells, or magick to enhance your psychic ability and rituals for divination or protection.

Don’t forget to charge your crystals and tools under the full moon too!

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waning moon

Waning Moon

Appearing approximately 7 days after a full moon, the waning moons energy appears softer as she withdraws. Life will appear to slow down now, almost like an invisible brake has been applied. It’s the perfect time for meditation.

Waning Moon Magick

It’s a wonderful time now to cast cleansing spells, and for creating banishing and reversing magick.

Waning Moon Banishing Spell


  • Cord (preferably black and approximately 2ft)

  • Lemongrass essential oil.

  • Piece of paper

  • Pen

  1. Choose something that you wish to banish from your life.

  2. Write down a word or symbol to describe what you want to banish.

  3. Take one end of the cord, and tie a loose knot.

  4. Look through the loop of the knot and read your intent and slowly tighten the knot.

  5. Feel as though the knot is binding the banished energy to the cord.

  6. Place one drop of oil onto the knot and state ‘I bind you and banish you from my life’.

  7. Repeat the knots until you have 6 knots.

  8. Place the cord in a safe place, or dispose of it, along with the paper of intent in what way feels right for you.

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