How to Use Healing Crystals with Children

crystal healing for kids

Children love crystals. Children are more aware and open than adults, and consequently they are sensitive to the subtle energies of crystals and their healing powers.

Crystals can be used in many ways with kids, including babies. This article looks at how crystals can help with issues such as confidence, calmness, sleep and study, and how to use stones safely with babies.

Crystal Healing and Children

As stated above, children are very receptive to the subtle energies of life that adults lose touch with. Young children will find them fascinating and calming, while older kids can have an interest in natural history and geology.

Babies often experience all kinds of issues and upsets during the early months, as they get used to their senses and the world around them. Calming crystals, in particular rose quartz, can have a profoundly calming and de-stressing effect.

Of course, crystals must be used with the utmost care when dealing with babies and very small children. Small crystals need to be kept out of reach to avoid a choking hazard, and large natural geodes should also be out of reach, as they can feature sharp protrusions or have pieces flake off if delicate.

As children grow older, more crystals can be introduced. They can be worn as jewelry or charms, kept in bedrooms, or used as pocket companions to aid study, confidence or focus.

Here are a few ways to integrate crystal healing into the lives of your children.

Calming Crystals for Babies

Because babies are very open and developing their connection with the world, it is not a good idea to use most crystals with them because it can expose them to energy vibrations they are not ready for, and it will leave them ungrounded. However, there is one crystal which is perfectly safe for use with babies, and is even being used in teething rings, necklaces and rattles. Rose Quartz is a beautiful, calming, loving stone, and can be used in a number of ways:

  • Place under the crib of a newborn to ease the trauma of a difficult birth
  • Place under the crib to help with sleep issues
  • Rub some rose quartz gem water on the gums to help with teething
  • Incorporate into a teething ring, rattle or teething necklace
  • Place in the nursery for a calming atmosphere
  • Rose quartz can also help parents feel the joy of parenthood despite the fatigue, and help connect parent and baby, so wear some or place a piece under your own pillow too!

How to Use Crystals to Help Your Kids Sleep!

Placing rose quartz under a crib or beneath the pillow of an older child can help them drift off into a calm, happy sleep. It will also help them absorb the feeling of love as they sleep, making them feel secure even when you are not physically with them.

Crystals can also help with sleep disturbance and night terrors. If your child is suffering from nightmares, it is something to be discussed and soothed, but can also be aided by a piece of crystal beneath the pillow.

  • A small, rough piece of rose quartz will bring sweet dreams
  • A small amethyst cluster by the bed or an amethyst tumblestone beneath the pillow acts as protection from nightmares
  • A piece of moonstone under the pillow or by the bed helps prevent sleepwalking
  • A rose quartz angel by the bed is an ideal focus of calm and loving energy.
  • You could also make a dreamcatcher to hang over the bed, threading rose quartz and amethyst beads into the center.

Calming and De-Stressing Kids with Crystals

Modern life, stress and hyperactivity can all put kids out of sync with the world. Tumblestones in their pockets or a crystal talisman around their neck can help them stay calmer and not worry so much about things.

Ideal crystals include:

  • Rose quartz – calming and loving
  • Blue lace agate – de-stressing and calming
  • Aquamarine – helps with nervous tummies
  • Hematite or clear quartz – protection

How to Build Children’s Confidence with Crystals

If you child has worries or concerns, or is lacking in confidence, crystals can help build their self-esteem.

Kids can carry stones in their pockets, or you can make a special “talisman” or amulet together for them to wear when they need an extra boost.

  • Amethyst – protective, connects spiritually
  • Aquamarine – happiness and clarity
  • Aventurine – brings enthusiasm, happiness and tolerance
  • Blue lace agate – helps with communication and expression
  • Carnelian – cheering and strengthening
  • Citrine or tiger’s eye – for courage and extra confidence
  • Clear quartz – energises and protects
  • Hematite – strength and protection
  • Rose quartz – brings openness, happiness and empathy
  • Sodalite – encourages self-expression and individuality

You can also purchase crystals carved in the shape of angels or animals. These can act as charms of confidence and support when your child feels nervous, worried or upset. Consider the symbolism of the animal when choosing – for example, pick a wise owl for a test, or a tiger for courage.

How to Help Kids Study with Crystals

There are many crystals which aid concentration, memory, focus and other attributes that help with exams, tests and studying. Coupled with a symbolic shape such as a book or owl makes the charm even more potent.

Use the following crystals to help children with their schoolwork, revision or exams:

  • Citrine or tiger’s eye – extra confidence in a test
  • Amethyst – aids concentration
  • Aquamarine – for clarity of thought, and settling nerved before a test
  • Sodalite – helps with self-expression in written work

I hope this gives you some idea of how to introduce your children to the magickal healing power of crystals! The crystals mentioned above can be bought in your local spiritual shop or market, or online – Exquisite Crystals and World of Witchery are recommended as they both carry a wide range of high-quality crystals 🙂


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