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Do you have an idea for an article or a spell that you want to share with us?

Wiccan Spell’s mission is to share information with our readers about Wicca, magick, and nature-based spirituality, and we’re always looking for new quality articles to add to our articles section, or spells to add to our online Book of Shadows.

If you have contributions you feel will help others, then writing for our website as a guest blogger can help you reach out to others and enrich other people’s lives by sharing the information.  If you are a blogger, or have a website then writing for us is a great way to get way to spread the word of your work to the 3-4000 people that visit our website each day.  Each writer has the option to add an author bio to the end, where they can link to the website of their choice.

Guest Post Guidelines for Writers

We are looking for articles from guest posters on the following subjects:

  • Wicca, witchcraft and paganism
  • White magick spells
  • Nature-based religions
  • Other magickal traditions such as chaos magick, ceremonial magick etc
  • Herbs, crystals, aromatherapy and other healing tools
  • Living in harmony with nature, i.e. living green
  • Psychic development
  • Astrology, tarot and other divination methods
  • Law of Attraction and reality-creation methods
  • Mythology

If you can’t see the topic you want to write a guest post about here, send us an email anyway – the list is always expanding.

Guest posts from contributors should be:

  • Original content, not published anywhere else
  • 300+ words for spells, 700+ words for articles
  • A topic not covered before on the website (some topics are broad and can be covered from different angles, which is fine!)
  • Well-written, compelling, compassionate and ethical

Your articles may be slightly edited for clarity, but we prioritise letting the writer’s own voice shine through.

How to get Started

Send an email to us below with your idea and pitch for the article or spell you’d like to submit 🙂



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