Crystal Divination – How to Use Gemstones for Guidance

Using crystals for divination is a simple and inexpensive way to create a divination tool that you can take with you pretty much anywhere. There are several methods to use stones to divine, and we’re going to look at two methods – one is a simple Yes/No divination, while the other method uses crystals as a replacement for the major arcana of the tarot.

crystal divination

The Yes/No Crystal Divination Method

A very simple way to use crystals to guide you is to use six crystals – three white crystals, and three black crystals.

For the white crystals, you can use either of these:

  • White Howlite
  • Moonstone
  • Milky quartz

For the black crystals, you can use either of these:

  • Black tourmaline
  • Obsidian
  • Onyx

You can use either raw or tumbled stones, or even crystal beads. The only requirement is that they are of a similar shape and size. The reason for this is that when you have your hand in your bag and you’re looking to draw a stone for an answer to a question you don’t want to be using your hands to search out familiar stones, even subconsciously. You want to use the energy of the stones to draw you. If you know that all the white stones are larger than the black, for example, you might be tempted to draw one of them just because of what you’d like the answer to your question to be. By having stones that are all similar this is far less likely to happen and you’ll be able to focus more on how the energy of the stone feels.

Once you have your stones, cleanse and charge them, then give them an intention. Take the white ones and give them the intention of giving off the energy of “yes”, and give the black ones the intention of giving off the energy of “no”. If you feel for any reason that it should be the other way around, do that! It doesn’t really matter which way you do it, as long as you charge them properly with intention.

Then put the crystals in a small bag. Give them a gentle shake while thinking of a question which can be answered with “yes” or “no”. Put your hand in, close your eyes, and take a moment to really feel around and let your hand be guided by the stones. Draw our three stones, one at a time with your eyes still closed.

Here’s how to interpret the results:

All white = Yes
All black = No
Two white, one black = Most likely Yes
Two black, one white = Most likely No

There’s your answer! It’s a really quick and simple divination method, and depending on how small the stones are, you can even carry them with you in your pocket for divination on the go.

The Tarot Crystal Divination Method

The next method requires a larger set of crystals, as you’ll be matching each crystal to one of the tarot cards of the major arcana.  It’s completely up to you how you choose to draw the crystals – you can do a three-crystal divination for past, present and future, or you can use a method like the more complex Celtic Cross spread.

Here are the stone divination meanings and tarot associations as taught by Scott Cunningham. This list is meant mostly as inspiration, since some of the crystals are expensive and rare.  You can substitute these crystals for others of your choosing. The most important thing is that you charge each one with the energy of the tarot card it is meant to represent.

  • Agate (The Fool) – New beginnings, optimism, trust in life
  • Quartz (The Magician) – Manifestation, power, balance, magical attainment, self-knowledge
  • Emerald (The High Priestess) – Spirituality, going within, secrets, the unknown
  • Peridot (The Empress) – Fertility, abundance, creativity, growth, nurturing
  • Ruby (The Emperor) – Movement, projective energy, structure, stability, rules
  • Topaz (The Hierophant) – Authority, confinement, traditions, rules
  • Rose Quartz (The Lovers) – Love, romance, union, duality, balance and polarity
  • Staurolite (The Chariot) – Movement, progress, integration
  • Garnet (Strength) – Power, courage, willpower
  • Blue Tourmaline (The Hermit) – Wisdom, knowledge, self-reflection, enlightenment
  • Sardonyx (The Wheel of Fortune) – Transformation, luck, fortune, cycles and change
  • Carnelian (Justice) – Fairness, equality, balance, law
  • Aquamarine (The Hanged Man) – Introspection, sacrifice, surrender
  • Amber (Death) – Renewal, endings and beginnings, change and impermeability
  • Amethyst (Temperance) – Balance, moderation, discipline
  • Black Tourmaline (The Devil) – Destructive patterns, addiction, being controlled. depression
  • Lodestone (The Tower) – Adversity, challenges, collapse of stability
  • Meteorite (The Star) – Hope, calm, good omens
  • Moonstone (The Moon) – Mysteries, the subconscious, dreams, emotions
  • Tiger’s Eye (The Sun) – Success, happiness, contentment, good fortune
  • Fossil (Judgement) – Rebirth, lessons, evolution, growth
  • Opal (The World) – Completion, wholeness, harvest, success, higher forces.

Again follow the same rules when picking out your stones here. Try and find ones that are somewhat uniform.  Once you have your stones, cleanse them, charge them with the intention to match their respective tarot card, then place them in a dedicated crystal pouch or box until you’re ready to use them for divination!

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