7 Powerful Wiccan Necklaces

There are many Wiccan amulets and talismans that you can wear to bring a bit of magick into your everyday life, but we often get asked about which ones to choose. If you’re shopping for a witchy amulet, you should of course trust your intuition first and foremost, but if you need a second opinion, here are seven of our favourite amulets and talismans:

1. Balancing Triple Moon Pendant

balancing wiccan necklace

The triple moon is a powerful Wiccan symbol that represents the three sides of the Goddess. The waxing moon represents the Maiden, the full moon represents the Mother, and the waning moon represents the Crone. The triple moon is also a symbol of balance, since all aspects of the Goddess are represented. The Maiden brings you new beginnings, expansion and playfulness, The Mother brings compassion, stability and power, and lastly, the Crone brings wisdom, fulfilment and tranquillity.

Wear this necklace if: You feel that you need more balance and harmony in your life, or if you want to nurture your connection to the Goddess.

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2. Inner Alchemy Pentagram

internal change wiccan necklace

This beautiful pentagram necklace is ringed in Celtic knotwork, and has a spiral in its centre. Both the pentagram and the spiral are powerful symbols – the pentagram represents the spiritual harmony of the five elements, whereas the spiral represents evolution and change as life unfolds. Together, they make a symbol for inner change and spiritual development.

Wear this necklace if: You are ready to progress on your spiritual path in a big way, or if you feel stuck in past patterns and would like to move forward with your life.

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3. Protection Pendant

protection wiccan necklace

This pendant has a symbol of a maze inscribed in it. It is intended to protect you by confusing any negative energy that may be sent towards you. Just like getting lost in a maze, the negative energy is prevented from reaching its intended target. This pendant is effective in protecting against both intentional curses, and negative energy which is unintentionally sent your way.

Wear this necklace if: You feel that you are a target of negative energy.

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4. Rune of Wealth

rune of wealth wiccan necklace

Runes are powerful symbols that stem mainly from Northern Europe. The fascinating thing about them is that they can be used both as an alphabet, and as magickal symbols. This pendant in particular has been inscribed with runic symbols that draw wealth. They work by increasing the flow of abundance, as well as the ability to retain wealth.

Wear this necklace if: You want to steadily increase your wealth over a period of time.

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5. Ankh Necklace

ankh wiccan necklace

The ankh is an ancient Egyptian symbol that represents life, vitality, and dynamic energy. It also represents immortality – not in the sense that it will make you live forever, however it can help you connect to your Higher Self, which is truly immortal and spans across your many past and future lifetimes. Connecting to your Higher Self is a great aid in your spiritual evolution, and can help you strengthen your intuition, feel more at peace with your life, and increase your magickal skills.

Wear this necklace if: You want to connect to your Higher Self, or if you need more energy and vitality in your life.

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6. Transformation Spiral Pendant

transformation wiccan necklace

This pendant has similarities to the Inner Alchemy Pentagram pendant, except that the spiral is surrounded by a Celtic knotwork instead of a pentagram. The pendants have similar purposes – the main difference is that this pendant has more of a transformative effect on your outer life, and outer surroundings.

Wear this necklace if: Things feel stale in your life, and your outer situation needs some change.

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7. Sterling Silver Pentagram Pendant

sterling silver pentagram necklace

This pendant consists of a pentagram, pure and simple. The pentagram symbolises the union of the five elements (earth, water, air, fire and spirit), and it is an important Wiccan symbol. This pendant is made of solid sterling silver, which also lends it some power – silver is associated with the moon, and is the metal of emotions, healing, and intuition. Its affinity to the reflective powers of the moon mean that silver is effective for reflecting negativity away from the wearer.

Wear this necklace if: You want to get in touch with your emotions, intuition and magickal abilities.

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