5 Ways Orgonite Helps You On Your Spiritual Journey

Orgonite – it’s a new trend in the alternative healing world, and you’re more and more likely to find these colourful crystal and resin pieces in your local spiritual shop. But what is orgonite, and how exactly does it help heal body, mind and soul? And how does it help you further your spiritual journey?

orgonite cone healing

1. Orgonite balances your energy

Orgonite was first created in the 1990’s by Don and Carol Croft. However, it is based on the research of an Austrian psychiatrist, Wilhelm Reich, who studied what he termed “orgone energy” (also known as chi, qi, prana, bio-energy, life force). He found that organic materials attracted and held this energy, while metallic materials would attract, then repel the energy. He used this knowledge to build “orgone accumulators”. These were boxes made with alternating layers of wood and metal, which had the effect of concentrating orgone energy inside them. People would spend time inside these boxes and find that their various ailments improved.

However, one issue with these orgone accumulators, was that they accumulated any energy – including unbalanced energy. People were advised only to use them in pure, natural surroundings with healthy energy.

When the Crofts decided to use Reich’s studies to make the first orgonite, they made a device with metal shavings encased in resin (which is organic in structure, as it contains carbon molecules) – and most importantly, added a crystal quartz inside the device. When resin cures, it shrinks, putting pressure on the crystal. The crystal quartz then releases a small electric charge, which balances the energy that has been drawn inside the orgonite, returning it to its original, healthy state.

Simply put, orgonite helps balance the energy in your surroundings – as well as your own energy, especially if you wear it as a piece of jewellery or keep it close to you at all times.

orgonite pyramid EMF

2. Orgonite protects against EMFs

A positive side effect of orgonite’s energy-balancing effects is that it also helps us against EMFs – electro-magnetic frequencies. EMFs have been proven to have negative effects on us, and unfortunately, they are a fact of modern life. Electrical appliances in our home, our cellphones, as well as all the cellphone towers surrounding us – they all take their toll on our energetic body, which

Luckily, orgonite helps us here. Many people who are sensitive to EMFs, and previously had symptoms such as headaches when sitting by a computer at their desk all day, find that orgonite removes these symptoms. It does so not by blocking the EMFs – since that would make all our electrical devices useless – but by strengthening the energy body and returning it to a natural frequency, so the effects of EMFs are diminished.

orgonite pendant

3. Orgonite helps you sleep better

One effect of orgonite that is noticed quite quickly, is the effect it has on sleep and dreams. Placing an orgonite near the bed, or even under your pillow, can help your sleep improve, and will often bring about more vivid dreams. As most of us on the spiritual path know, dreams can bring amazing insights and guide us in many ways. If you don’t already, it’s recommended that you keep a dream diary and record the dreams you remember. They can help point you to areas of your life that need attention, they can bring solutions you hadn’t thought of before, and sometimes they can even bring psychic insight.

One caveat though – some people are more sensitive and feel very energised by orgonite, which makes them unable to sleep. In this case, it’s recommended to not keep orgonite in your bedroom until your body has gotten used to the energy frequency – this may take days or weeks.

orgonite pyramid

4. Orgonite amplifies crystal energy

While all orgonite should contain at least one crystal quartz, many orgonites contain other additional crystals. As the healthy, balanced energy is emitted from the orgonite, the crystals “flavour” this energy. So for example, an orgonite containing rose quartz will act as an amplifier for the rose quartz, emitting energy with the frequency of love and nurturing.

In other words, orgonite takes crystal healing to a new level! Different orgonites can be used for different purposes, depending on what spiritual lesson you are working your way through at the moment. There are orgonites for spiritual development, protection and grounding, emotional healing, love, and much more!

5. Orgonite can help you manifest

Many people use crystals to help them manifest and consciously create their reality. This is because crystals have a very powerful frequency, and amplify any intentions you set. However, orgonite is even more effective than crystals when it comes to setting intentions. You can use them in meditation, or in rituals. A simple way to use orgonite is to find one with crystals corresponding to the intention you want to create (for example, rose quartz for love, or tiger’s eye for abundance). Hold the orgonite in your hand and connect with its energy, then visualise your intention – as if it were happening this very moment. Repeat this for at least five minutes every day, and see what happens!

orgonite tree of life pendant

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Karin is an artist, mystic and writer . She also runs her own business making orgonite – healing jewellery and décor, which you can find at orgoniseyourself.com

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