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What is a Kitchen Witch?

Do you like cooking? Creating something new with your hands and a bit of fire? ...
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magick circles for beginners

Easy Circle Casting Methods for Beginners

If you have ever looked up a magick spell online you likely know that it’s ...
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how to celebrate samhain

How to Celebrate Samhain

What is Samhain? Samhain is a major sabbat of the wheel of the year. It ...
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wiccan necklaces

7 Powerful Wiccan Necklaces

There are many Wiccan amulets and talismans that you can wear to bring a bit ...
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orgonite cone healing

5 Ways Orgonite Helps You On Your Spiritual Journey

Orgonite – it’s a new trend in the alternative healing world, and you’re more and ...
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The Basics of Manifestation and Reality Creation

What is reality? Before we can delve into the practical side of reality manifestation, it’s ...
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altars and shrines

Altars vs Shrines: Devotion and Magick

Last fall I had a small space in the corner of my room. It was ...
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magick of sage

The Magick Of Sage

Sage is a perennial, evergreen shrub, also called; Salvia Officinalis, with woody stems, blue-grey flowers ...
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Surviving Coven Drama

When life at first takes a magical turn, it’s not uncommon to be welcomed by ...
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lucid dreaming guide

A Guide to Lucid Dreaming, Part 2

Hitchhiker’s guide to the dreamverse Last time we explored a few ways to have a ...
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lucid dreaming guide 2

A Guide to Lucid Dreaming, Part 1

Say you want a revolution lucid dream Be it a brief remark hidden in a ...
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ka gold talisman amulet ring

Talismans for the Spiritual Seeker – a Review of Ka Gold Jewelry

Ka Gold Jewelry is the creation of David Weitzman, an artisan and spiritual truth-seeker. David ...
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crystal divination

Crystal Divination – How to Use Gemstones for Guidance

Using crystals for divination is a simple and inexpensive way to create a divination tool ...
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types of magick

The 8 Main Types of Magick

There are many ways to sort and classify types of magick. This list is by ...
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magickal grimoire

Creating Your Own Grimoire

A grimoire is a book that contains spells, rituals, herbal and healing lore, incarnations, chants, ...
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is witchcraft real

Is Witchcraft Real?

Witchcraft has been practiced all over the World, in one form or another, for thousands ...
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magick of salt lamps - so well 1

The Magick of Himalayan Salt Lamps

Himalayan salt lamps have seen a surge in popularity lately, and it's no wonder - ...
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child book of shadows

Creating a Book of Shadows For Your Child

A child's Book of Shadows is like the pagan equivalent of a baby book. It's ...
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ancestor veneration

Ancestor Veneration – How to Connect with the Mighty Dead

There is a good reason that ancestor veneration has been a part of so many ...
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wiccan religion faq

22 Things You Should Know About the Wiccan Religion

Newcomers to this website often have a lot of questions about the Wiccan religion, so ...
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voodoo - religion and magic

An Introduction to Voodoo – Religion Meets Magic

What is Voodoo? The first thing people think of when they hear the word is ...
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astral projection methods

5 Easy (and Effective) Astral Projection Methods

What is Astral Projection? Astral projection, otherwise known as an out of body experience, is a ...
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past lives

How Your Past Life Affects Your Life Purpose

The person you are today might not be because of your conscious choices alone. You ...
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Skulls - Death Gods

Death Gods in Mythology

The old gods were just as diverse as the people that worshipped them. Before monotheism ...
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troubleshooting magick - why spells don't work

When Spells Don’t Work – Trouble-Shooting Magick

For those new to magick and spells, it can be frustrating when your spells just ...
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wiccan religion

The Complete Guide to Wiccan Spell Supplies

We get a lot of people asking what supplies they need when starting out with ...
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understanding the seven chakras

Understanding the Seven Chakras

A chakra is a centre of energy, of which there are seven chakra points in ...
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psychic vampire protection

7 Ways to Protect Yourself from Psychic Vampires

What are Psychic Vampires? Forget about the cape wearing, blood suckers who you see in ...
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introduction to hoodoo

Hoodoo for Beginners

What is Hoodoo? Hoodoo can loosely be described as a type of folk magic which ...
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yule candles

How to Celebrate Yule

  What is Yule? Yule is the archaic term for Christmas. The word Yule derives ...
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pagan christmas party - winter solstice

How to Throw a Pagan Christmas (Winter Solstice) Party

If you are learning more about Wicca and Paganism you may want to start celebrating ...
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pagan roots of christmas

The Pagan Roots of Christmas

Christmas is a holiday which people would associate with many things before thinking of Paganism ...
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pagan religions

7 Questions About Pagan Religions – Explained

What is paganism and what do pagans believe in? Do pagans practice magick? Here are ...
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wicca witchcraft and spells

An Introduction to Wicca, Witchcraft and Magic

What is Wicca? Wicca is a modern religion that is based on pagan practices and ...
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spiritual use of marijuana

Spiritual Uses of Marijuana Throughout History

Does ingesting marijuana help your spiritual practice? Well, marijuana has not only been used in ...
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crystal healing for kids

How to Use Healing Crystals with Children

Children love crystals. Children are more aware and open than adults, and consequently they are ...
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sage smudge

Using Sage Smudge for Spiritual Cleansing

Sage is used for many spiritual practices, including purifying and cleansing. Sage gets rid of ...
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pentagram taper candle holder set

30 Wonderfully Witchy Gift Ideas for a Wiccan

So you have a special Witch in your life, and their birthday (or Yule!) is ...
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magickal home - crystal grid

10 Ways to Make a Magickal Home

Your home is your sacred place. However it is all too easy to let your ...
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sacred geometry in magick

Using Sacred Geometry in Magick Spells and Rituals

What is Sacred Geometry? Sacred geometry is defined in its simplest terms as the magic ...
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male witch - wicca for men

The Male Witch – A Guide to Wicca for Men

Wicca can sometimes feel like a religion that is only practiced by women. By being ...
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nature walk - wicca for the blues

9 Wiccan Ways to Beat the Blues

We all feel sad and blue sometimes. When you are feeling down in the dumps, ...
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norse magic

An Introduction to Norse Magic

In order to understand Norse magic, it is essential to become familiar with Norse mythology ...
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faerie spirits home

5 Ways to Invite Faeries and Friendly Spirits Into Your Home

Many witches welcome faeries and friendly spirits into their home. These spirits are beneficial to ...
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magical garden

Creating a Magickal Garden

Gardens can be infinitely useful to us. Aside from making great hobbies, they provide seclusion, ...
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forming a coven

How to Form a Coven

If you decide that you wish to join or begin a group of practicing witches, ...
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a hedge witch

What is a Hedge Witch?

Just like there are all kinds of people in the world, both in Wicca and ...
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Elementals- Nature spirits

Elemental Magic – Working with the Nature Spirits

You’ve probably heard of the four elements found in nature - fire, water, earth and ...
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magical days of the week

Magical Days of the Week

There are hundreds of magic spells available out there, but it helps to perform certain ...
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visualisation in magic

Visualisation in Magic

Every great idea that exists in the world today started as a thought. Someone saw ...
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true pentagram meaning

The True Meaning of The Pentagram

What is a Pentagram? The pentagram is perhaps one of the most recognizable symbols that ...
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incense recipes

Magical Incense Recipes

- Originally written by Lady Galadriel The following recipes are from a variety of sources ...
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How to celebrate Mabon

How to Celebrate Mabon

As summer is starting to feel like a memory and autumn is setting in, we ...
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hecate - witch goddess

The Witch-Goddess Hecate

Hecate: The Three-Fold Goddess At night, particularly at the dark of the moon, this goddess ...
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earth faeries

Faeries of the Elements

Following is a list of faeries belonging to the different elements of earth, air, water ...
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read tarot intuitively

How to Use Tarot Cards Intuitively

Tarot and Your Intuition While each card has come to have a traditional association, the ...
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tarot card history

A History of Tarot Cards

There are several terribly romantic hypotheses surrounding the origin of the Tarot, including the concept ...
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magickal properties of crystals

Magickal Properties of Crystals A-Z

Here's a "cheat sheet" to easily find out which crystals should be used when in ...
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scrying for beginners

Scrying for Beginners

What is Scrying? Scrying refers to the use of some sort of visual device to ...
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pendulum for divination

Using a Pendulum for Divination

The pendulum is an informal system of divination that can be used by anyone. It ...
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fairy magic

Fairy Magic

If you have entered this enchanted world, I may assume that you are somehow called ...
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ritual intent

A Thorough Guide to Creating Your Own Spells and Rituals

Anyone can design their own spells and rituals, but there are a few things to ...
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magick guidelines

Guidelines for Using Magick Ethically

It is not sufficient to say you are a "witch" or to practice magick. You ...
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types of witches

15 Different Types of Witches

Forget the cackling old woman, riding around the night-sky on her broomstick and making smelly ...
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Choosing and Using Your Wiccan Wand

The Power of a Wiccan Wand When you think about a wand - I mean ...
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how to celebrate lughnasadh

How to Celebrate Lughnasadh/ Lammas

As we enter the high point of summer the apples are beginning to ripen on ...
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white witch habits

8 Habits of a White Witch

Following our guide to white magic, we've written another outlining the habits which every white witch ...
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witchs guide to white magic

The Good Witch’s Guide to White Magic

What is white magic, and what makes it white? If you are new to Wicca ...
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wiccan gods and goddesses

Wiccan Gods and Goddesses

Wiccan Gods and Goddesses: The Lowdown Working with Masculine and Feminine Energies I think it’s ...
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contacting your spirit guides

Spirit Guides – What They Are and How to Contact Them

Your spirit guides have your best intentions at heart, and their purpose is to protect ...
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Pagan wedding dress style - Bohemian - Gardens of whimsy

4 Beautiful Pagan Wedding Dress Themes

A pagan wedding is a way to bring friends and family together to celebrate love and ...
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Handfasting - Pagan wedding

Handfasting – Planning a Magical Pagan Wedding

What is Handfasting ? If you and your partner want to honour your magical practice ...
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candle magic for beginners

Candle Magic for Beginners

Candle magic, also known as sympathetic magic, is a simple form of spell casting. This ...
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wiccan altar ideas - broom

10 Ideas for your Wiccan Altar

Designing your own Wiccan altar is fun. You’re basically creating your haven - a sacred ...
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wicca is a religion

7 Things You May Not Know About the Wiccan Religion

1. Yes, Wicca is a religion People sometimes wonder about the differences between Wicca and ...
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planet pixie creations - herbs

Growing Magickal Herbs – an Interview with Nikki Tomlinson

Herbal Magic is a powerful and mystical way to connect with the Goddess, earth energies ...
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wicca vs pagan vs witchcraft

Wicca vs Paganism vs Witchcraft

What do the words Pagan and Wiccan mean? And what is the difference between them? ...
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Wiccan Zodiac Signs

There are various ways that we can approach our practice of Wicca, one of these ...
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sigil magick

An Introduction to Sigil Magick

Sigils are the art of believing; my invention for making belief organic, ergo, true belief.  ...
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rune magick

Working with Rune Magick

Runes are a tool used in Wiccan magick that come from a long Nordic history ...
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wiccan meditation

Wiccan Meditation Techniques

Meditation doesn’t discriminate, it doesn’t matter who you are, what you believe, or even how ...
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summer solstice - litha - stonehenge

Celebrating Litha – The Wiccan Summer Solstice

Honouring the longest day of the year, Summer Solstice is a widely celebrated ritual where ...
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real witch - marie laveau

15 Real Witches Throughout History

History books are littered with accounts of people practising witchcraft, an act often seen as ...
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Celebrating Beltane

Beltane is a beautiful and powerful time for celebrating the energies of vitality, potency, fertility ...
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herbal magic for wiccans

Herbal Magic for Wiccans

Herbalism (also known as herbology or botanical medicine) is the practice of using plants for ...
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wiccan symbol triple moon

7 Powerful Wiccan and Pagan Symbols

The symbols used in Wiccan practice are powerful and insightful - they can help us understand ...
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wiccan familiar

Animal Familiar Spirits in Wicca and Magick

In a modern Wiccan’s perspective, a familiar is a witch's companion in both the spiritual ...
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wicca for children

Wicca for Children – How to Teach Kids about Magick

Introducing children to the practices of Wicca and Paganism can be tricky, especially if you’re ...
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finding my magickal name

A Journey to Finding my Magickal Name

So many times, over a lot of time I have considered choosing my own magickal ...
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wiccan name

Choosing a Wiccan Name

What’s in a (Wiccan) Name Anyway? Everything that exists has energy, including our names. There ...
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teenagers guide to wicca

Teen Witch – a Wiccan Guide for Teenagers

Finding Wicca and Paganism as a teenager can be an exciting experience. Because people tend ...
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horned god

Honouring The Horned God

Are We Forgetting Something? For most practitioners of Wicca or Paganism, honouring ‘The Goddess’ is ...
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white magick vs dark magick

White Magic vs Black Magic

An it harm none, do what ye will - The Ethics of Magic As a practising ...
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feng shui and wicca

The Magick of Feng Shui

Feng Shui is a Chinese philosophical system of placing objects in a way that will ...
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shadow work

Shadow Work – Wholeness and Integration

What is the Shadow? The concept of the Shadow is one which grew in popularity ...
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karma in magick

How does Karma work in Magick?

You may have some idea of karma already. It is often seen as a kind ...
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water magick

An Introduction to Elemental Magick

The elements are an essential part to Paganism and magick itself. Working with the elements ...
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crystal magick for beginners

A Beginner’s Guide to Crystal Magick

Crystals aren’t just pretty to look at. For Pagans, some of our most potent magick ...
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triple goddess - maiden mother crone

The Triple Goddess – Maiden, Mother and Crone

In many Wiccan traditions, The Triple Goddess is recognized and honored as a triadic deity ...
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tarot cards in wicca, spells and magick

Tarot – Where to Begin

Tarot cards are often said to be the ancestors of modern playing cards. They have ...
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Druidism through the Ages

Few people in the Western world would not have come across the term ‘Druid’. Movies, ...
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2017 sabbats and esbats

2017 Sabbats and Esbats

Following are the dates for the Wiccan sabbats and esbats in 2017 - click on ...
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coven wicca

Wicca – Solitary or Coven?

One of the big questions people new to Wicca often ask is whether they should ...
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Magickal Moon Phases – a Journey with the Moon

Magick can always be conjured up, whenever the desire takes. However, there is a school ...
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celebrating ostara

How to Celebrate Ostara

After celebrating the promise of spring with Imbolc, the winter has now passed. It is ...
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mantra meditation for abundance

Attracting Abundance with Mantra Meditation

When it comes to creating abundance, there are a variety of methods at our disposal, ...
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celebrate imbolc

How to Celebrate Imbolc

As winter is drawing to its mid point, and the first signs of spring are ...
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Candle Magick – Which Colours?

Lit candles help create a mystical and magickal atmosphere during a ritual. They bring the element ...
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Wiccan rede

The Wiccan Rede

Bide the Wiccan Laws we must, In Perfect Love and Perfect Trust. Live and let ...
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Dark God

The Charge of the Dark God and Goddess

The Yang side represents all the "bad" parts of nature, which aren't actually bad. We ...
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witch's tools

The Wiccan Witch’s Tools

Wiccan ritual tools are used in order to direct energy according to the Witch's wishes ...
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Old Book of Shadows

How to create your own Book of Shadows

Many people ask me how they can create their own Book of Shadows.  But guess ...
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How to Cast a Circle of Protection

Casting a circle of protection is a way for Wiccans to protect themselves during magick ...
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kabbalah for wiccans

A Wiccan’s Introduction to the Kabbalah

The Kabbalah model of reality and energy manifestation is useful to Wiccans who want to ...
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orgonite - crystal healing magick 2

Orgonite – Amplify Your Crystal Healing Magick

A while ago, a friend of mine introduced me to a wonderful crystal healing tool called orgonite ...
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Free Magick Ebooks

For fans of this website, I have included two FREE e-book downloads.  These are two ...
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The Wheel of the Year

Pagan Holidays – The Wiccan Sabbats

The Wheel of the Year The Wheel of the Year is symbolic of eternity, and ...
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herbs for spells

Herbal Correspondences for Spells

Following is a list of herbal correspondences that you can use for spells: Astral Projection ...
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A Message for Awakening Witches

Where to begin? If you are just now starting to awaken, it is mind-boggling how ...
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wicca book silver ravenwolf

7 Wiccan and Pagan Books for Beginners

Many Witches differ in regard to what they consider to be the "best" books about ...
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how to become a witch1

How to Become a Witch

"How do I become a Witch?" So you have found Wicca, or witchcraft, and it ...
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What is wicca - pentacle

Wiccan Beliefs

What is Wicca really, and what do Wiccans believe in? 1. Witchcraft means "Craft of ...
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crystal and rune magic

The Basic Concepts of Wicca

There are many misconceptions about what Wicca really is.  This article seeks to clear out ...
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Looking for authentic spell supplies? Check out World of Witchery for a treasure trove of magickal goods!  And for a comprehensive introduction on how to become a Witch, check out The Essence of Magick by our resident Wiccan, Amaris Silver Moon.


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