Wiccan Beauty Spell

To be perceived as attractive by other people, we must first feel attractive to ourselves. We change within, then without. This beauty spell works to increase your confidence, health and joy – all the main ingredients of beauty.

To perform this beauty spell you will need:

A gemstone to increase confidence and power, for example Kunzite, Sodalite, Rhodonite or Honey Opal
An athame (if you don’t have one, a wand or any type of knife will also do)

Red is a colour of fire, power and sex. Surround yourself with red and soon you will be entraining to its fiery vibration and move more confidently through life. To perform this spell, ideally you will wear something red or have a large red object nearby, such as a rug or a sheet.

beauty spell

Beauty Spell

Stand by your altar or other table, upright with a strong, confident posture.

If you want to, call upon your spirit guide(s) to join and assist you in casting this spell.

“I ask that my guides and angels join me for this session, and assist me in building a strong self-confidence and a positive outlook in life.”

Breathe deeply and relax. With every outbreath, feel your tensions and stresses leave you. Allow your thoughts to run, without paying attention to them. Maintain your strong posture.

Take your athame and point it to the ground, and say:

“May I absorb Earth’s balance and vitality.”

Then hold the athame against your chest, and feel the power of the Earth overflow you, balancing you and making you healthy and vibrant.

Then point the athame to the sky.

“May I absorb the power and playfulness of Wind.”

Hold the athame against your chest and feel the mighty power of winds fill you. Feel gentle breezes, playful gusts and raging storms within you.

Then relax for a moment.

Now take your stone and hold it to your Solar Plexus (the spot where your bottom ribs meet), where your confidence and personal power reside. Hold the stone against that area and say:

“I charge my Solar Plexus
Let fire burn within
From now I will feel comfort
When living in my skin”

Repeat this a few times, while you imagine the stone lighting up your chest, filling you with a yellow-orange hue of strength and confidence.

Then hold the stone to your Third Eye and say:

“Sun and Moon, shine your light
Grant me now with all your might
Endless beauty for all to sight
It is done. So mote it be.”

Repeat a few times, whilst visualising the stone melting all over your head, immersing you in warm, soft oil.

The beauty spell is now cast. Thank the spirits and close the ceremony. Keep the stone near you in the following weeks while you feel yourself becoming more and more confident, joyful and beautiful.

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