White Magick Spell for Professional Success

spell for professional successThis Wiccan spell for professional success can be used for a few purposes:

  • To get a job
  • To increase your salary
  • To start a new business
  • To increase the success of your current business

Ingredients of white magic success spell

Dress in white when you perform this spell. Purify yourself by washing your hands and then applying a few drops of your essential oil (mix a drop with a carrier oil such as almond oil, as many essential oils can irritate the skin if put on the skin directly)

To prepare your circle, place the green candles at each cardinal point, and the white candle in front of you. Place the incense to the left of the white candle. Put the bay leaves, fluorite stones and the bank note into a bowl, and put this on the right of the white candle.

Put your photo in front of the candle.

Now, ground and center yourself, then draw your circle, lighting each green candle in turn, and finally the white candle in front of you.  Use the white candle to light the incense.

Take the white candle, and drop a few drops of wax on your picture. Take the offering bowl in both hands and concentrate on your photo.

Recite this incantation for personal success three times:

“Success is coming soon to me,
Prosperity is flowing unto me,
So mote it be”

Now sit in silence for a while and visualise having complete financial freedom.  Money is flowing easily to you – you are in total flow and abundance.  Imagine what that would be like.  Immerse yourself in the feeling of it.  The longer you can hold this happy image in your mind, the better.

When you feel done, extinguish all candles ending with the white candle. Close the circle and let the incense burn to the end.

Afterwards, whenever you think of money or professional success, remember the happy feelings of the abundance visualisation, and get into that feeling again.  If you find yourself worrying, immediately recite the above incantation, and refocus your thoughts towards abundance, knowing that the more you think positively about your future success, the quicker you will draw it into your life.

Want more? For the super-charged, deep-going “Abundance and Prosperity Spell” and lots of other money magick advice, see  “The Essence Of Magick“).

There are also spell kits that come with ritually charged ingredients and detailed instructions – whether you want to get a new job, to find your purpose, or simply to feel empowered and confident when you’re at work.

Looking for authentic spell supplies? Check out World of Witchery for a treasure trove of magickal goods!  And for a comprehensive introduction on how to become a Witch, check out The Essence of Magick by our resident Wiccan, Amaris Silver Moon.


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    • Hi Maya,

      I recently answered a comment like this, so I will just copy and paste my reply:

      It’s usually harder to cast spells for other people since a major component of magick (that is not always really talked about) is that you are imprinting the vibrations of the ritual in your own subconscious mind.

      But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try. Yes, it is less likely to be as efficient for someone else, depending on their state of mind, but if you have a strong will you can see results. Just re-word the spell so that you use their name. If the person is present while you are doing the spell, it will be easier.


  1. I wanted to say thank you for all the help you have offered on your site. I have been a practicing spell caster for many years and your money spell really helped me an my family out of a tight spot.

    • It can do be done elsewhere, preferably in your regular spellcasting place, or a place where you feel comfortably ‘at home’.

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