Waxing Moon Love Spell

One of the most curious phases of the Lunar cycle, a “waxing moon” (when the moon is getting fuller) is a great time to amplify the power of white magic and cast spells that wouldn’t have worked at any other time of the cycle. Today, we are going to teach you one of the most effective love spells out there – the Waxing moon love spell.

waxing moon love spell
As the spell is quite delicate, don’t be alarmed if it doesn’t work as intended the very first time you cast it. Spend some extra time meditating and healing your soul and try again – and you will likely find your powers have increased.

To perform the Waxing moon love spell, you will need the following items:

To cast the Waxing moon love spell, do the following:

If you want to increase the chances of the spell working, make sure you are performing it during the “waxing moon” phase, and not at any other time of the Lunar cycle. Although not dangerous as such when performed incorrectly, the spell will then pointlessly drain your energy and decrease the effectiveness of any other rituals you perform for up to three months. Plan wisely.

Gather your supplies in a quiet room, remove all artificial lights and light the candle. Focus on the flame and medidate for as long as you feel is needed, focusing on the warm, fuzzy feeling in your lower abdomen and letting it grow and expand.

Rub the herbs between your palms and scatter around yourself. Say the following three times:

Red candle, the flame and the spirits above,
Help me recognize my true love.

Blow the candle and place it under your bed. Make sure to get a good night’s sleep.

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