The Lady’s Prayer – Goddess Prayer

The following is a variation of the Lord’s prayer, originally written by Mark Christian and Janie Young.  You can use this prayer to invoke the Mother Goddess during ritual, or simply recite it whenever you wish to feel closer to Her.

goddess prayer
Image by Emily Balivet on Etsy

Our Mother,
Who art amongst us,
Hallowed is Thy presence.
Our realm is here,
We sense Thee near,
On Earth,
which is our living Heaven.
Teach us this day to bake our bread,
And accept us in our human-ness
As we accept each other,
in spite of our limitations.
Lead us not into domination,
But empower us to freedom.
For ours is this Air,
This Fire,
This Water,
This Earth,
Forever and Ever.
Blessed Be.

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