Spells & Rituals For Low Self Esteem

It’s no fun to suffer from low self esteem, it can be crippling. The implications on your experience of life can be profound, and I don’t mean in a good way. If you are living with a low self esteem, now is the time to change your beliefs, because frankly, you are too good to be living like this.

Esteem means ‘respect, and admiration’ according to the dictionary. So if you are experiencing a low self esteem, you are lacking in respect and admiration for yourself.

So what we need to do is help you to respect and admire yourself, so that you can create a new reality for you, that is as magical as the act of creation, and as magical as you.

Now is the time to give yourself permission to work on your self respect, and self admiration. To help you, here are a few spells, rituals and and other magical treats just for you.

Please use them, you’re worth it!

self esteem spells
Crystals For Low Self Esteem

Self Esteem Meditation

Find a comfortable position, make sure that you are warm and will not be disturbed. If you can meditate outside comfortably, go ahead.

Breathe slowly, and deeply for a few minutes, enjoying the sensation of your breath moving in and out of your body. Until you start to drift into your own world.

As you settle into your comfortable space, you notice a walled garden just in the distance. It’s a beautiful clear day, and the air is warm and loving.

As you walk closer down to the walled garden, you notice that the entrance is locked, and the gate has your name etched into the wood. As you notice this, you realise that this is your sacred garden, a place where only you can go.

You notice the key is your pocket and try it in the lock, as you open the gate, the scene is breathtaking, it’s everything that you dream of, it’s beautiful, abundant, and alive.

You close the gate behind you, making sure it’s locked and that the key is safe in your possession, and you start to walk down the steps that are just beyond the gate. It’s dark and shady here, so you have to pay attention to count each step as you walk so that you are focused. But as you step down, into the beautiful garden you notice the musty smells and the crunch of nature beneath your feet.

You start to explore the garden, and can’t believe that you have access to such a haven, it’s beautiful. But there are some dark, dank area’s there too, which you decide to clear out, after all this is your place to take care of.

As you clear up some of the dark area’s, you notice that they reflect an aspect of you, a darkness that you need to clear up inside of yourself.

You clear up the patch in the garden and then find a beautiful spot, where there is a bench, and you decide to go sit on the bench, which, as you get closer you realise that it’s a healing bench, and as soon as you sit on it, as if by magic, a healing light surrounds you, and enters into your energy clearing up this patch of darkness inside of you.

You stay there for as long as you need to, knowing that you are safe and protected. When you have finished the healing session, the light fades and any lessons or wisdom that you needed to be aware of is revealed to you.

Afterwards you walk around your garden, enjoying the beauty, and feeling lighter before heading back up the steps, toward the gate.

As you leave, you turn back once more and take in the beauty, realising that if you can see this beauty outside, then you have it inside of you too.

You return now to your body and reflect on the knowledge and lessons that you have learned. You are aware of what you have brought into being, and of what you need to finalise and complete now so that you can start to plan for the future.

When you are ready slowly open your eyes. Be present with your surroundings as you gradually return to your daily life.

Oil Blend For Low Esteem

essential oils for self esteem
Try this oil blend to help you turn your low esteem, into a solid and strong sense of esteem, that you’ve never experienced before.

  • 2 Drops of Bergamot Essential Oil (E.O)
  • 2 Drops of Fennel E.O
  • 2 Drops of Frankincense E.O
  • 2 Drops of Ylang Ylang E.O
  • 2 Drops of Geranium E.O

To use simply blend, and apply to the heart and bottom of the feet.
(seek advice from the oil supplier as to what oils are ok to be inhaled, bathed in, around pets etc.).

Candle Colours For Spells

Use these candle colours in your spells …

Simple But Powerful Self Empowerment Spell

Ideally use this spell daily if your low esteem is extreme, when you affirm the mantra make sure that you make an effort to accept, and own them. This is crucial for the spell to work.

self esteem candle spell 2

You Will Need:


1. Anoint the candle with the oil and then sprinkle it with the Yarrow Herb.
2. Light the candle.
3. Focus on the flame and in raising your energy.
4. Take the crystal, and pass it through the flame chanting the powerfully magical I Am Mantra explained below.
5. Do this for as long as you can, whilst the candle is lit, and repeat this spell daily.
6. Any time that you feel low, visualise the candle and internally chant your mantra.

Powerful ‘I Am’ Mantra To Turn Your World Around

This chant is so simple, but oh so powerful. I use it all of the time to counter any negative thoughts I might have, or to bring in whatever energy it is that I’d like to bring in. But if you add it to a spell, well, then the results become amazingly powerful.

All you need to do is this:

Sit in a strong and confident position, and chant the following (you can chant in your mind, or out loud).

I AM Love
I AM Power
I AM Enough
I AM Joy
I AM Good

You can change the I Am words to any positive words that you choose, but the words listed above were chosen specifically for low self esteem. If you wanted to gain some confidence for an interview for example, you could say the above ,and then add in words such as ‘inspiring’, ‘respected’, ‘worthy’, ‘talented’.

Use it every time you feel negative, or find yourself putting yourself down.

If you practice this magical mantra regularly, and you believe in it, embracing the energy of the words as you chant, you will experience results fast.

Accepting Acceptance Spell

You Need:

  • 1 x White Candle
  • 1 x Candle Holder
  • Something to light the candle
  • Paper
  • Pen

self esteem white candle spell


1: Cast a circle
2: Take your piece of paper and write down all aspects of yourself that you find difficult to accept, next write down changes that you know you need to make but haven’t yet come to terms with making these changes.
3: Light your candle.
4: Focus on the flame of the candle.
5: Visualize yourself letting go of all of these traits, and experiences and accepting a new life that is even better than you could even imagine yourself. Notice the doors opening for you everywhere you go, and the peace that you will feel inside.
6: See yourself with your mind’s eye experiencing peace and fulfillment beyond your wildest dreams.
7: Watch the flame dance and flicker for as long as you’d like.
8: Release your circle, but allow the candle to continue burning until it has burned itself out. (Remember to supervise the candle as it’s burning – for safety reasons!).
9: Once the candle is burned out and the wax has cooled, keep the wax in a bag or container of some kind in a safe place.

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