Rune Spell of Protection

This particular rune magick spell will offer protection from outside forces, but also from forces within us. We don’t always need protection from the outside, but may need a little boost in harmony within ourselves and with others around us. This spell will provide a protection barrier on all aspects.

rune magick algiz
Algiz rune candle holder by RealwoodPL

Ingredients for Rune Protection Spell

Performing the Rune Spell

1. Start by selecting a candle from the five that you want to represent yourself. Carve into this candle the rune Algiz (pictured below) and write your name beneath it:


2. Place the other four candles around your altar in the north, east, south, and west corners.

3. Place the candle that represents you in the center of the other four.

4. Spread your salt in a circle around the candles, and leave a small pinch of salt directly in front of you.

5. Light your incense and clear your mind of all negative thoughts.

6. Light the candle to the east and say: Powers of Air, hear my call grant me your protection that is all I ask for!

7. Light the candle to the south and state: Powers of Fire, hear my call grant me your protection that is all I ask for!

8. Light the western candle and say: Powers of Water, hear my call grant me your protection that is all I ask for!

9. Finally, light the candle to the north and state: Powers of Earth, hear my call grant me your protection that is all I ask for!

10. Look up to the skies and call out: Powers of High, listen to my plea, May I always be protected by thee!

11. Light your candle and say: Banish my fears! I light with your light, I am guarded, well-protected and with a shield I rise!

12. Stare into the flame and visualize a protective light surrounding you. The light is warm, glowing, soothing. Breathe in the light, and let it fill you with shining protection.

13. Open your eyes and say: Air protects me! Fire protects me! Water protects me! Earth protects me! The God(s or Divine) protect(s) me! I am whole again, with my shield I move on!

14. Meditate until you’re comfortable and feel protected, and then let the candles burn. Bury the remains and sprint the salt from the ritual around the area where they’re placed.

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