A Simple Motivation Incantation


motivation incantationHave you lost all motivation? Try the following incantation to increase motivation.


May these words bring me encouragement

And revive my interest in this moment,

I invoke the Higher Power

Among the obstacles these hours

To awaken the motivation in my heart.


As visions of good return,

And the spark of positivity is lit,

And the strength rises within me,


It is my wish, please guide my steps

during this moment,

May this incantation

push me forward.

So mote it be.

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2 Comments on A Simple Motivation Incantation

  1. This is the first spell i ever did, I did this incantation last night and today I truly feel like a new person like new life has bloomed within me I just feel so invigorated and positive I can’t really explain it but this truly worked for me so thank you.

    Blessed be. 🙂

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