A Spell for Good Luck at a Job Interview

job interview spell 3The following spell will help you shine at any job interview you go to. It will enhance your self-confidence, and give you an aura of luck, so that you’re able to get all the right questions, and give all the right answers. As always, we cannot influence another person’s free will, but this spell will greatly increase any possibilities you have of getting the job!

Ingredients for job interview success spell:

The spell is to be performed the night before the interview.

Performing the Job Interview Luck Spell

First of all, boil some water in your kettle. You’re going to make an infusion while you are performing this spell.  If you don’t have an electric kettle, you can put the water in a teapot with a tea cosy over to keep it hot. Gather all the rest of the ingredients into the space where you will be casting the spell.

Now draw your circle, and call on any spirit guides or guardians that you see fit to. Take some minutes to meditate and calm your mind, breathing deeply into your stomach.

Next, put all the herbal ingredients in the pot.  You’re going to pour the hot water over them in a bit, but first, take some time to perform a blessing on the herbs.

Visualise a golden light coming down from above, entering your crown and filling your body until you are a bright shining golden light. Then, when you feel that you are completely filled with this golden light, hold your hands over the herbs and see the light exiting your hands and filling the pot with herbs. While you are doing this, imbue the herbs with your intention to ace this job interview, to impress the interviewer with your personality and skills.  Visualise yourself walking away from the interview with a sense of achievement and happiness. Do all of this for some minutes – the length of time isn’t the most important, it’s about how fully and strongly you feel it.

Once you are finished, pour the hot water over the herbs, while saying the following incantation three times:

With love and light, may I be infused with the essence of success and confidence.

Put the lid on the pot, and leave the infusion to steep for an hour or more. You may now close your circle and thank whichever guardians you called upon. 

After the infusion is ready, draw a bath for yourself, and pour the infusions into the bath. Do not focus more on your spell or the interview – now is the time to relax and let go of it so that the Universe can do its job without interference. Relax and think of things that make you happy – perhaps make a list in your head of the things you are grateful for in your life.

After you have bathed, it is important that you let yourself air-dry – do not use a towel, since the herbal infusion needs to stay on your body. Do not bath or shower until after the interview (If you typically bath in the mornings, then you can perform the spell in the evening, and bath with the infusion in the morning).

Good luck!

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