Full Moon Money Spell

It may seem like money is a tricky commodity to attract with magic – however, the opposite is true. See, similar to many other aspects of our life, money simply embodies a flow of certain energy which can be attracted, and there is no limit to the flow provided that effective, tried and trusted spells are utilised following correct rituals.

full moon money spell

One of the most powerful money spells is the Full moon money spell. As the name suggests, you will have to be patient and wait for the full moon to perform this spell – otherwise it simply won’t work as well. Therefore, please wait until the time is right.

To cast the Full moon money spell, you will need:

  • Three gold coins
  • A red wallet/pouch (red is a powerful symbol of good luck here; however, if finding a red wallet is problematic, dark brown with a hint of red tint can be used too)
  • A small mirror that fits in the wallet/pouch you are going to be using

To cast the full moon money spell, do the following:

Wait for the full moon. The importance of this step is hard to overestimate, so we simply must warn you again!

Find a quiet room. Dim the artificial lights, open the window and let the moon light in. No other lights or candles should be on, otherwise the spell is not likely to work. Open the wallet and place the gold coins inside, one by one, followed by the mirror. Be very careful to not drop anything in the process, otherwise you won’t succeed.

Holding the wallet, close your eyes and focus your thoughts on the flow of energy represented by money. Then, say the following three times:

Note to note, coin to coin,
The flow of wealth I will soon join

Remember – if you’ve done something incorrectly, stop and try next full moon, don’t try to fix the sequence as it won’t work in your favour.

As an alternative to this spell, you can use our Money Drawing Spell Kit, which comes with ingredients and full instructions to cast a spell to bring abundance and wealth into your life.

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