Easy Wealth Spell

wealth spell

Use this easy spell to increase your wealth and to make your income grow. This spell should be performed on a waxing or full moon.

For this wealth spell, you will need:

  • A brown candle
  • An orange
  • Paper (A5 size) and pen
  • The following herbs: cinnamon, dried orange peel, basil, patchouli and vervain
  • A coin (preferably gold in colour)
  • Prosperity oil (optional)

Performing the Wealth Spell

Gather all your supplies, and cast your circle. Take the brown candle in your hands, and put your focus on the concept of ever-expanding wealth. Visualise a golden light filling your body and your circle, and see this as the energy of abundance entering your life. This abundance and wealth is always available to you, as long as you are open to it. The problem is that most of us close ourselves off to abundance with the emotions of fear, worry, or subconscious dislike of money. In this short meditation, try to open your heart up fully to the energy of abundance, and feel gratitude and appreciation for it as you feel it fill your aura.

Now put the candle down, and light it.

Next, write on the slip of paper:

Money come,
Money Flow,
Money Dance,
Money Grow.

Put the coin in the middle of the paper, and sprinkle a pinch of each herb onto the coin in the paper.  Then, fold the paper around the coin tightly. Make an incision in the orange and place the paper-wrapped coin inside it. Now, repeat the wealth incantation that you have just written down out loud three times, while performing your abundance/golden light visualisation and holding the orange in your non-dominant hand.

After you have finished the spell, keep the orange on your altar for seven days. On the seventh day, remove the coin from the packet, and give it to a charitable cause.

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