Healing Spells

Healing spells can be used for your own life or for others you know who need healing energy. If you are working for someone else, always seek their permission beforehand and let them know you are casting a spell for their healing.

Healing spells can be used for physical, emotional or spiritual healing, whenever you feel that you need a boost or help with dealing with aspects of your life you’re finding difficult. Using crystals such as Rose or Clear Quartz and Amethyst can often add potency and power to your workings.

Understanding the connection between mind, body, and spirit and viewing health as a holistic concept where all are linked and influence each other is often of huge benefit to anyone who wants to gain better health in their life. Our thoughts, emotions and spiritual energies impact our bodies and vice versa. By aligning with natural healing energies you can often find a greater sense of wellness and wholeness within your life, and help others to find the same as you work for them.

Remember that when working with magical healing that it should always support the healing advice of medical practitioners. Do not use healing spells as a substitute for medical advice and treatment – always use as a support and compliment to conventional medicine.

In this category, you will find spells that will help you with self-healing as well as distance healing for others. You can use the stop smoking or stop drinking spells to help you if you struggle with either of these addictions, or you can modify to help with other areas – for example, if you have issues with your diet.

Self-Healing Incantation

Magic healing is a very old and complex art. Its effectiveness depends on the receptivity of the person to be healed, on the talent of the healer and the type of energy they uses, and […]

Distance Healing Spell

  Here is a simple distance healing spell.  The tools that you need for this spell are: 3 white candles A picture of the person you want to heal (If you don’t have a picture, […]

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