God and Goddess Spells

A Ritual to invoke the Divine Masculine

The Divine Masculine The divine masculine represents the archetypal idea of the most inspiring manifestation of masculine expression in the universe. The divine masculine comprises of a group of archetypal energies- the god, king, priest, […]

The Lady’s Prayer – Goddess Prayer

The following is a variation of the Lord’s prayer, originally written by Mark Christian and Janie Young.  You can use this prayer to invoke the Mother Goddess during ritual, or simply recite it whenever you wish […]

Cernunnos Male Fertility Spell

In this male fertility spell, you will be invoking Cernunnos, the Celtic deity of fertility otherwise known as the Horned God. You will need: A green candle Offerings for Cernunnos – acorns, fruit (especially apples), […]

Simple Ostara Ritual

Winter is over and the world is reawakening. The great Mother, our Goddess, breathes life into the world once more, and the Horned God is playing in the forest, resurrected for another cycle. Ostara is […]