Cleansing Spells

Cleansing spells are a vital part of any Wiccan’s magical toolkit.

Unlike banishing spells, which are used to rid you of people, entities or attributes, cleansing spells are there to help you purify your energy and gently release accumulated emotional, spiritual and psychic ‘debris.’

Cleansing spells are useful to use as part of a lifestyle where you regularly meditate, keep physically active, eat well, rest and take the time to connect to nature. They are a way of helping you to heal from the stresses and strains, not only of daily life but also your magical workings. You can use them to cleanse your own energy, the energy of someone else, or to help you clear your home and other spaces of any unwanted or ‘stale’ energy. A great cleansing spell can be viewed as a kind of ‘energetic spring clean’!

Cleansing spells can be especially useful before rituals, especially when you want to ensure your energy is ‘clear.’ You can use cleansing spells to cleanse ritual working areas and magical objects as well. They can also help if you have been doing a lot of energy work and haven’t spent much time ‘decompressing.’ Combining cleansing spells with strong grounding practices can help keep you centred and effective as you delve deeper into your Wiccan practice.

In this section, you will find spells to help you cleanse and restore balance and harmony to your space. You will also find a general cleansing spell that you can adjust to suit your individual needs and a ritual to help you clear your altar and other magical working spaces.

A Spell to Release the Past

Also known as the cord-cutting ritual, this spell helps release emotional, mental and spiritual ties that rob you of growth, peace and happiness. By using the power of your calm, clear mind and amplifying it, […]

Magical Cleansing & Protecting Pouch

This is a wonderful little spell in a bag, that you can carry around with you, and use whenever you feel like you need to cleanse the energy of others away from you. It’s ideal […]

How to Ground Yourself

Grounding can be done before and after magick spells in order to release excess energy and strengthen your connection to the Earth. Here is a simple yet beautiful grounding meditation that you can perform: Imagine […]

A Chakra Cleansing Ritual

A chakra is a centre of energy, of which there are seven points of in the body. Using chakras can help you when your body or emotions are out of balance. Each chakra is associated […]

A Happiness Ritual Bath

A ceremonial bath is a Wiccan ritual suitable for all levels of practice. Some time to yourself in the bath can also help in times of stress. This ritual is designed for those who are […]

A Simple Imbolc House Cleansing Ritual

As Winter is drawing to its mid point, and the first signs of Spring are appearing, it is time to celebrate Imbolc. What is Imbolc? Imbolc is a festival which marks the beginning of Spring. […]

Simple Altar Dedication Ritual

If you’ve just set up your altar, this is a beautiful and simple altar dedication ritual which you can use to cleanse your altar space and dedicate it to magickal workings. You will need: 2 black Altar Candles […]

Wiccan Cleansing Ritual

Every day our energy fields are being interfered with by people, events, and even our own thoughts. Negative energy can attach to us and block our flow, which can bring us down, cause irritation and […]

Space Cleansing Ritual

For this ritual to cleanse your magick space, you will need: A broom A silver taper candle A white taper candle A chalice with charged water A small bowl of earth 4 element taper candles […]