Basil Protection Bath Ritual

basil protection bath ritual

Basil is a herb that is famed for its protective properties, and this nine-day basil protection bath ritual can help repair a damaged aura, repels any malevolence directed towards you, and helps you form a protective shield around yourself.

This ritual should be done after you have had your regular daily bath or shower. Try to avoid wearing synthetic chemicals on your skin during the days which you are performing the ritual (this includes most lotions and perfumes).

You will need:

  • Basil leaves
  • A container for the basil infusion
  • White facecloth or handkerchief

The Basil Protection Bath Ritual

Put the basil leaves in a heat-proof container, and pour boiling water (4-6 cups) over the leaves. Let the infusion brew and then cool down for an hour or so – then strain the leaves out and discard them.

Bring your infusion and the washcloth to your shower or bathtub.  Take your clothes off, and dip the cloth in the infusion. Wipe the infusion over all the places of your body you can reach, starting from the top downwards.  If you want, you can chant a protection incantation of your own making, but it is not necessary.

Once you are done, let yourself air-dry, and don’t put on your clothes again until you are completely dry. Do not use a towel as the infusion needs to stay on your skin.

Repeat this ritual for nine consecutive days, using the same basil infusion. Don’t use it all at the same time – leave a bit at the end. After you are done with the ninth bath ritual, take the remaining water and throw it away outdoors. As you are throwing it, put some strength into the gesture, and see this as you throwing away all the negativity that had been in your life before.

Rest in the comfort and trust of knowing that you are now protected.

Blessed be!

PS. Another option is to get this Protection Ritual Bath Kit, which comes with instructions and all the ingredients you need for two bath rituals.


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