A Banishing Spell for A Home

This is a spell to banish any unwanted influences in your home. It consists of an elemental banishing ritual, followed by a cleansing and purification of your home.

This spell is an ideal way to prepare a new living space before you move in. It will take away any remnants of the old tenants that were there before you and let you move into a fresh, new space.

banishing spell for home

Banishing Using the Elements

This banishing should be done after you have cast a circle. Try to do it in a central part of the place you want to cleanse of residual energy.

Before you call the elements to attend, go to the west side of the circle and face outwards. Draw a banishing pentagram (point downward towards the earth) with your index finger or athame.  Next, point towards the center of this imaginary pentagram. Physically push your finger outwards slowly, while also pushing outward with your own energy. Say:

“Go, or be cast into the depths of the flood!”

Move to the south and repeat your actions, saying:

“Go, or be cast into the flames!”

Move to the east and repeat your actions, saying:

“Go, or be rent by the grinding earthquakes!”

Move to the north and pause to gather yourself and close the circle before drawing the final pentagram and saying:

“Go, or be torn apart by the whirlwind!”

Turn back into the center and forcefully say, “I  banish you! I banish you! I banish you! BEGONE!” while clapping and clattering and making a great deal of noise.

Cleansing and Purification

For this part, start by giving the house a thorough cleaning with brooms and vacuums and dust rags. Pick everything up and put it in its place. Clean all the dishes and laundry that you can and make sure that the house is as clean as possible.

When you are finished, take some salt water and sprinkle it all over every room in the house, including inside cupboards and wardrobes. Sprinkle some into each corner of the room, across every windowsill, and in front of every door.

When this is done, light some incense that has the effect of making you feel peaceful (sage or sandalwood are good options). Carefully carry this incense throughout the house, making certain that each room is filled by the scent. Ask for the blessings of the Gods to be in the house and for the house to be filled with laughter and peace. Hang up any charms that you might have that bring good luck and leave them up for a week or so to let them fully permeate the rooms.

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