An Ostara Egg Charm

ostara egg charm

Eggs are an important symbol of Ostara, the first day of spring. Ostara marks the time where the sun passes over the celestial equator and night and day are equal lengths. Ostara is one of the eight sabbats of the wheel of the year and is celebrated around the 20th or 21st March.

Eggs are an important symbol of Ostara and there are many magical ways you can use them. They represent rebirth, fertility and the circle of life. The symbolic importance of eggs relates back to the mythology of Brigid, and the story of her and the hare. Brigid is said to have found an injured bird who was dying. She cradled him and looked after him and made him her pet. He could no longer fly as his wings were damaged so she turned him into a rabbit or hare. She gave him the ability to run very fast and to lay eggs in every colour of the rainbow, but only one day a year. After angering the goddess she flung him into the sky where he became the consolation Lepus (the hare). Every year at Ostara he will return to earth to give away his eggs to children.

How to Make Your Ostara Egg Charm

Here I will tell you how to make an Ostara egg charm. This is a simple way a solo Wicca practitioner can celebrate Ostara.

What you need:

  • Eggs
  • Paints or pens for decorating
  • A needle to prick your egg or a pan to boil it in
  • Paint or other things to decorate your egg (optional)

Decide whether to boil or blow out your egg. If you wish to perform a spell involving hanging your egg to make a charm or to put a spell in it, then blow out your egg. If you want the egg to remain whole, hard boil it.

To blow out your egg, get a raw egg and carefully wash and dry it. Using a needle pierce the top and bottom end of the egg. At the bottom end wiggle the needle around to make the hole wider and to break the yolk. Over a bowl blow into the bigger hole until all of the contents of the egg comes out.

Now you can decorate your egg. Decorate it with pictures, symbols, runes, words or write a spell on it. You can use the symbolic colours of Ostara to decorate your egg, such as white for the heavens, orange for Spring or red for fire and life force.

If you have hard boiled your egg you can dye it. Mix half a cup of boiling water a teaspoon of vinegar and a few drops of food colouring. Carefully dip the egg in using a spoon.

Ceremonial Uses for Your Ostara Egg

  • Thread a piece of embroidery through it and secure with a bead. You can use the egg charm to make a spell focusing on abundance, or to encourage positivity to come to you.
  • Bury them in your garden to encourage crops to grow.
  • Blow out your egg. Write a spell on a small piece of paper, roll it up and push it inside of the egg.
  • Plant the egg next to a tree, ask the tree to guard your egg and fulfil your wish. Ask for love, protection or prosperity.
  • Write your intentions on the outside of the egg, bury it in the garden and plant a seed above it and watch it grow, fulfilling your intentions
  • Use as seasonal decorations for your garden, house or altar.

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