About Wiccan Spells

Wiccan Spells was started by Amaris Silver Moon in 2013 as an online Book of Shadows and pagan resource. Since then, the website has grown and we have several regular contributors to the website.  Our aim is to educate and share knowledge about Wicca, paganism and magick.

There are two main parts of this website:

  • Our article library, which contains articles about Wicca and witchcraft, but also about various other esoteric and occult practices.
  • Our magic spells,  which are free for all to try. Some of the spells were written by Amaris or our other contributors, while some have been floating around for a while – authors are credited when known.

Additionally, we also have a guide on how to cast spells that work, The Essence of Magick.  This book talks about how to tap into the true magical powers that exist within all of us, with the use of energy focusing techniques. The Essence of Magick also teaches you how to write your own spells, if you can’t find the exact spell you’re looking for (if you write a spell that you’re happy with, we would love it if you shared it with us so we can add it to our collection).

We hope you enjoy browsing the website!

Looking for authentic spell supplies? Check out World of Witchery for a treasure trove of magickal goods!  And for a comprehensive introduction on how to become a Witch, check out The Essence of Magick by our resident Wiccan, Amaris Silver Moon.