A Spell to Banish an Evil Spirit

a spell to banish an evil spiritThe following incantation is a general defence against demons and evil spirits. Not all demons will be defeated with this, but even when the spell is not sufficient to actually overcome the spirit, it can still hurt them enough to keep them at bay.

If spirits threaten me in this place,
Fight Water by Water and Fire by Fire,
Banish their souls into nothingness,
and remove their powers until the last trace.
Let these evil beings flee,
Through time and space.

For more serious cases or psychic attacks, check out this more advanced protection spell. Alternatively, you can use our Banishing Spell Kit, which comes with ingredients and full instructions to cast a spell that can banish all negative energies, situations and people from your life.

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5 Comments on A Spell to Banish an Evil Spirit

  1. many thanks….I am new to this religion but have had evil entities following me since I was a child….after speaking these words I could feel their presence fade into nothing…..I no longer see them and it brings me great joy…

    blessed be,

  2. As someone who has been a wiccan for 7 years, you have left out a lot of the 8 steps the creating a spell there is a lot missing here but It can still work. I shall write this in my book of shadows but turn it to my own and set it up the right way.

    • Hi,

      Please feel free to add to this spell in the comments section if you want 🙂

  3. evil will follow from things that you see and things that you do these symbols are here to protect, unless someone hates you enough to take something from you, like a stand of hair a piece of something that is yours. if this is so start with rubbing your hands in salt before you sprinkle. the spirits smell/sense sweat and will linger until the find away in. spit in love war and after

  4. Thank you very much for this spell.
    I am a beginner at this,however I am going through something that this spell could really help with.If you have anymore suggestions for banishing Evil Spirits,please feel free to tell.
    Thank you and

    Blessed be.

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