A spell to attract customers

Wishing you had more customers in your business? If the competition is getting a bit high, or you are experiencing a sudden decline in sales, it may be time to try this powerful spell that has helped many business owners attract customers. As an additional benefit, in case someone has cast a black spell against your business which contributes to your hardship, this spell will also cancel out any bad effects without unleashing any uncontrollable evil energy.

spell to get more customers

To cast this spell to attract an abundance of customers, you will need to gather the following supplies:

  • A small object that represents your business. It can be as simple as your business card, or simply something that symbolises your profession (e.g. if you are working with animals, this could be a toy or a collar).
  • A beeswax candle (bees are a symbol of prosperity, and so are bee products. This Business Success beeswax candle is perfect for this spell)
  • A red ribbon
  • 3 gold coins
  • A mason jar (or a glass jar with a lid)

To perform the ritual:

At your workplace, when no one else is there (you may need to perform the ritual outside of your usual business hours to achieve this), light up the beeswax candle, dim the lights and meditate quietly for 10 minutes, watching the candle flame and mentally focusing on the reasons why you started the business or started working for it, noting any negative thoughts and letting go of them.

Open the mason jar and place all other objects in it one by one, pronouncing the following spell between the objects:

I serve my purpose day and night,

My soul is bright as candle light,

My work is honest and sincere,

I want to see more people here.

Once the last object is in the jar, close it tightly and put out the candle. Hide the jar and the candle somewhere at the workplace so the power of the spell stays with the business.

An alternative to this spell is to burn a 7-day Improve Business candle – light it while focusing your intention, and leave it lit (in a safe place!) until it is completely finished.

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