A spell for luck in business

spell for good luck in businessApproaching a difficult deadline? About to close the deal with an important business partner? Expanding your business to new locations or new target audiences?

No matter how excellent your business ethics are, there are many factors beyond your control that can make things go wrong. Bad mouthing, business partners not being in the right mindset, key staff members getting sick and stalling the important processes when you need everything to run smoothly most… To minimize the chances of those kinds of things happening, you may want to achieve a solid luck boost.

Today, we are going to talk you through the process of making a charm that can be kept at your workplace for as long as you need it. If you work hard, it attracts good luck and prosperity to the business, as well as protects you and your colleagues from any evil spirits in the office.

To make the charm for good luck in business, you will need:

  • A handful of quality bay leaves (dried leaves are fine, just make sure they are not too broken apart and pick nice, big ones)
  • A green ribbon
  • Three gold coins
  • Blank piece of parchment (if unavailable, can be substituted with baking paper)
  • Business success oil (optional)

To assemble the business charm:

Crumble the parchment so it’s pliable, then flatten it with your hands. Place the bay leaves and the gold coins in the middle. Fold the sides over and tie the green ribbon around the parcel. Add three drops of business success oil, if you have any.This is your charm for good luck in business.

Now, place your right index finger on the charm and close your eyes. Spend 5 minutes meditating and visualizing your business goals.

Hide the charm at the office – behind your computer, inside a safe or a register, or anywhere else, just make sure it stays safe and hidden.

Another way to boost your business is to burn a 7-day Business Success candle, visualising your intention for five-ten minutes after first lighting the candle.

Looking for authentic spell supplies? Check out World of Witchery for a treasure trove of magickal goods!  And for a comprehensive introduction on how to become a Witch, check out The Essence of Magick by our resident Wiccan, Amaris Silver Moon.