A Simple Love Spell To Get The One You Want

simple love spell

This quick and easy love spell is meant to attract a perfect lover into your life or to catch the attention of the one that you love. By using this simple love spell you will shine like a flame in the heart of your true love, enhance your attraction and boost your self confidence, for that little extra you need to calm your nerves and glow when meeting a potential partner. It’s truly the perfect spell for those who are not getting what they need from the dating scene.

To make this simple love spell all you will need is:

  • A piece of paper with the name of the one you want to attract.
  • Two red candles, the color of passion.
  • A length of red yarn or string long enough to tie the two candles together easily.
  • Love oil, or any essential oil that symbolises love (e.g. rose oil)
  • Something sharp to carve into one of the candles.
  • Something to light the candles with.

Performing this simple love spell

For this spell to work the most important thing you need is focus. Think about the person whose love you desire and visualize what you expect from this spell through the whole process with as much clarity as you can. Keep their face always on your mind.

Firstly you’ll need to carve into one of the candles a heart with a pentagram in it. This doesn’t need to be perfect so don’t worry to much if you can’t get it just right.

You’ll then need to place the carved candle to your left, the side of your heart, and tie it with the string to the other candle, wich will be to your right.

Put two drops of rose oil on the paper with the name of the one you want to attract, but be careful not to put too much or smear the name.

Coat both candles with the rose oil, especially below the wick, and then light the left one first and the right one second, making sure not to burn the binding string.

You can now recite the following incantation:

With this spell I call to your heart and in turn I offer you mine.
Let the slate of our past be wiped clean and our future together begin.
Blessings to the Gods and to the moon above.

Finally just burn the paper on the candle to your left and you’re all set. We recommend you perform this spell on a new moon for the best results and near a date when you will see the person whose love you desire.

Best of luck!

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