A Ritual to invoke the Divine Masculine

invoking the divine masculine ritual

The Divine Masculine

The divine masculine represents the archetypal idea of the most inspiring manifestation of masculine expression in the universe. The divine masculine comprises of a group of archetypal energies- the god, king, priest, warrior, lover and sage.

Honouring the diving masculine is not just for men. Women can honour the divine masculine as a way of exploring and celebrating these qualities.

This spell is intended for those of any gender. It is for those who wish to connect with their masculine archetypes or traits. For example for women who would like to be more assertive, which is commonly seen as a masculine trait.

Invoking a Deity

Invoking a deity is asking for the god or goddess in question to manifest through yourself, a kind of voluntary human possession. Invoking a deity is different to evoking, which is asking for a god or goddess to join you in a spell.

The Divine Masculine Invocation Ritual

When you are performing this ritual, bear in mind that you are asking the Divine Masculine to come to you, you are not commanding or ordering. It is best to learn these words off by heart before starting this ritual. You can adapt the words to make them more personal to you. This ritual is best performed on a new moon.

Cast your Circle, and perform any preliminary meditations or exercises that you usually use to enter into a magickal mindset.

Pour a glass or goblet of wine and place on your altar as an offering, then stand at your altar with your arms crossed, and your feet together.

Say the following:

God, King, Priest, Warrior, Lover and Sage.

Honour me by joining me and allowing me to become one with you, and to feel your presence in me.

Open your heart to me. I invoke you. I am your vessel.

Raise your arms up to welcome the god in you and feel his power. Then continue:

I am the King, the Priest, the Warrior, the Lover and the Sage.

Honour me on this night.

Be true to me, and I shall be true to you.

Take a moment to meditate on what you have just experienced. When ready, lower your arms.

Close your circle, or finish your ritual as you normally would.

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