Wiccan Jewelry – Orgonite Pentacle Necklace

As I have mentioned before on this site, I am a huge fan of orgonite as a magick tool for Wiccans.  Orgonite is a mix of resins, metals and crystals which balances disharmonious energy.  I learned about it from my friend Karin at Orgonise Yourself, who makes beautiful orgonite pendants.  I have been wearing her jewelry for almost a year now, and the beneficial effects have been plentiful.  Here are some of the effects that I and others have experienced from orgonite jewelry:

  • Accelerated spiritual growth
  • Better health
  • Improved focus
  • Vivid dreams and deep sleep
  • Less affected by negative energies and entities

The reason that orgonite has so many positive effects is because of its energy balancing effect.  All the world around us is made of energy, and in its natural state, this energy is harmonious and healing.

However, this natural harmony can be disrupted.  The major culprits are EMF waves from modern technology, but disruptions can also be caused by negative people or entities.  Negative energy causes unbalanced moods, unease, feelings of being scattered or ungrounded, and ill health, among many other unpleasant symptoms.

Working with magick makes us especially sensitive to negative energy, which is why all Wiccans should learn to center, ground and shield themselves.  These are essential skills in order to be a powerful witch, however we can also add the use of tools to help us protect our energies.  Orgonite is hands down the best tool I have found for this purpose.

Recently, I had the opportunity to work with Karin in designing a Wiccan orgonite pendant.  I chose the gemstones, and blessed and charged them before she created the pendants.  Here is the result:

wiccan jewelry pentacle pendant

The ingredients for this Wiccan pendant have been carefully chosen with the intent of promoting spiritual growth and providing protection from negativity.  It contains four types of gemstones: crystal quartz, amethyst, black tourmaline and blue kyanite.

Crystal quartz is one of the most powerful and versatile crystals, amplifying pure intent and energy.

Amethyst is a high vibration crystal which strengthens our connection to the Divine, offering protection and deep spiritual growth.

Black tourmaline is a grounding stone which protects us from all kinds of negative energy.

Blue kyanite aligns and balances our chakras, and helps us develop our psychic abilities.

If you would like one of these stunning Wiccan orgonite pendants, click here!  Karin has also very kindly provided a discount for all of us – use the coupon code BLESSEDBE when checking out of her store to get a 10% discount on your orgonite products.

wiccan jewelry - orgonite pentacle necklace pendant

PS. If you’re on a budget, or would like to try orgonite out for less before investing in the stunning piece above, Karin also makes a “no-frills” orgonite pendant for only $19, which has all the basic ingredients needed to balance your energies.

Successfully performing a spell is an art that comes about with practice. The better you are at working with magickal energy, the better your results will be.  The Essence of Magick is a guide which teaches the art of spellcasting by aligning energy and intent. If you'd like to know more,click here.