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Learn magickDiscover how to tap into your true magick powers and lead a joyful, fulfilled life.

The Essence of Magick by Amaris Silver Moon

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Are you wondering how magick actually works?  Have you cast spells without seeing results?  Do you want to learn how to cast spells more efficiently, how to tweak them to your specific situation and needs – and even how to write your own spells?

The Essence of Magick not only talks about Wicca and magick spells, but explains the driving forces behind magick.  In it, I teach you how to tap into these forces and energies and work with them in order to improve your own life and wellbeing.  You will learn numerous techniques and exercises that will help you live your highest possible existence.

Fun to read and easy to understand, this guide will serve the very beginner as well as the experienced witch.

Some goodies The Essence of Magick contains…

  • Information about Wicca and its beliefs – the sabbats, the Goddess and God, and more

  • Clear explanations of the mechanics of life-force energy and how to work with it to improve your life and health

  • A breakdown of how to successfully focus your mind, cast spells, and manifest your dreams

  • A range of fun and helpful exercises that will increase your well-being and improve your focus and magick skills

  • Simple techniques to cultivate gratitude and mindfulness

  • Ways to communicate with and learn from your Higher Self

  • Essential witchcraft practices such as casting a circle, protection, invocation and divination

  • Information about magick tools and their purposes

  • The DIY Altar – how to put together your own altar on a tight budget

  • The mechanisms of crystal magick, candle magick, and herb magick

  • Clear instructions on how to write your own spells

  • Some of my favourite and most effective spells – accompanied by a breakdown explaining how they
were composed, to give you knowledge and inspiration for your own spells

What others say…

“The book is a shelf keeper. And helps set a foundation
to start from. I have reread sections to balance my mind
and stress level, to get back to a place to begin focus
center and move forward.”

                                                     – Lori Taylor

“An absolutely amazing book have read it over and over
again. The spells are fantastic and they work. If you have
not got this go and get it the best guide you can get.”

                                                     – Zarina Mitchell

“This book is very well written. Easy to understand. Great
flow. Contains a great deal of information especially for
someone who is just joining the craft and doesn’t know
where to start. I was very impressed and pleased with
this purchase. I highly recommend it.”

                                                     – Danielle LeSieur


The Essence of Magick is available for only $4.99.

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Successfully performing a spell is an art that comes about with practice. The better you are at working with magickal energy, the better your results will be.  The Essence of Magick is a guide which teaches the art of spellcasting by aligning energy and intent. If you'd like to know more,click here.