Magick Spells for Kids

If you want to introduce your kids to Wicca and the wonders of magick, the following four simple spells for children are a great way to start: Kid’s Wiccan Pet Blessing Protect your furry friends, […]

Simple Altar Dedication Ritual

If you’ve just set up your altar, this is a beautiful and simple altar dedication ritual which you can use to cleanse your altar space and dedicate it to magickal workings. You will need: 2 Altar Candles […]

A Spell to Break a Spell

This is a counter-spell, or a spell that will break any spell that may have been cast on you.  It is best cast during a waning moon.  For this spell, you will need: A black […]

A Simple Wish Spell

This is an easy wishing spell that should be performed right before you go to bed. You will need: A candle Pen and paper Choose a candle colour which is appropriate for the type of […]

Wiccan Money Spell

This is a money visualisation spell which should be done regularly until you are happy with the amount of money that has come into your life. What you need: ~ Green candle Let’s begin… Take […]

Simple Wiccan Luck Spell

If you find yourself in an unlucky streak, with one mishap following another, cast this simple spell to turn your luck around. What you need: ~ Black candle ~ Oil: Frankincense, other herbal essence oil, […]

A Simple Motivation Incantation

  Have you lost all motivation? Try the following incantation to increase motivation.   May these words bring me encouragement And revive my interest in this moment, I invoke the Higher Power Among the obstacles […]

A Spell to Increase Patience

Do you struggle with impatience? If so, try this spell to help you increase your patience. You will need: A cup or bowl filled with water A blue candle Essential oil – lavender, palmarosa or jasmine Cast your […]

A Spell for Removing Anger

This is a quick and simple mantra which can be recited without setting up a proper ritual. It can be used for yourself or for other people. You are advised to add a very simple […]

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