Moon Spells

Waning Moon Spells and Rituals

The waning moon follows the full moon, and the moon will now slowly diminish in size until the new moon. Now is the time to banish those bad habits, break up those unhelpful relationships, and […]

Waxing Moon Spells and Rituals

The waxing moon stage lasts for around 14 days, when a new moon is growing towards a full moon. When the moon is waxing, it’s a perfect time to set your intentions and manifest goals. […]

New Moon Spells & Rituals

Often referred to as The Dark Moon, the new moon is present when there is no evidence of the moon in the sky. The new moon ensures new beginnings, new starts and new healthy habits, and […]

Full Moon Spells

Do you want to add some extra oomph to your spells? Do you want to send them off into the Universe with a boom? With enough potency to change the world? For your magick to […]

A Full Moon Love Spell

  If you want to attract love into your life, perform this spell underneath a full moon. You will need: A red spell candle A pink spell candle Dried basil Ground cinnamon Two apple seeds A moonstone crystal […]