A Spell to Stop Drinking Alcohol

This is a spell to help you stop drinking alcohol. It’s adapted from the stop smoking spell, and as it is a banishing spell, it’s best performed during a new or waning moon. Disclaimer: If […]

A Spell to Quit Smoking

If you’re ready to say goodbye to smoking, this spell will help you quit easily and painlessly.  The best time to perform it is during a new moon. You will need: 10-15 small pieces of paper (post-it […]

Healing Spell

DISCLAIMER: Please note that his healing spell must not be substituted for any conventional medical care.  Do attend a doctor if your child or other loved one displays compromised health.  This healing spell can be […]

Ritual for Self-Love

When we love ourselves, life becomes easier and much more fun. When we realise that it comes down to a choice – to make the decision to love ourselves – then we see clearly that […]

Wiccan Cleansing Ritual

Every day our energy fields are being interfered with by people, events, and even our own thoughts. Negative energy can attach to us and block our flow, which can bring us down, cause irritation and […]

Self-Healing Incantation

Magic healing is a very old and complex art. Its effectiveness depends on the receptivity of the person to be healed, on the talent of the healer and the type of energy they uses, and […]

Distance Healing Spell

  Here is a simple distance healing spell.  The tools that you need for this spell are: 3 white candles A picture of the person you want to heal (If you don’t have a picture, […]