Rune Spell of Protection

This particular rune magick spell will offer protection from outside forces, but also from forces within us. We don’t always need protection from the outside, but may need a little boost in harmony within ourselves […]

A Simple Truth Spell

This is a simple spell to help you reveal the truth about any situation.  It can be helpful if you feel that something is being purposefully hidden from you, or if you seek clarity about […]

A Spell to Increase Your Psychic Abilities

This spell is intended to help you increase your intuition and psychic abilities.   You will need: 4 purple candles 1 white candle Frankincense or jasmine incense A notebook This spell should be done during a […]

How to Make a Scrying Mirror

  A magick scrying mirror can be one of the Wiccan’s best tools for divination. In order to cast this spell, you will need: A mirror or other object with a reflective surface – black […]

Candle Prayer Magick for Divination

  One of the simplest and most effective kinds of magick is candle prayer magick. All you need for this is a candle.  Cast your circle or protective space, bring yourself into a meditative state […]