Protection against harmful spirits

The Devil

If you find yourself being attacked or otherwise influenced by an otherworldly spirit or entity, you must seek protection. This is a three-stage process to rid yourself of the unwanted beings and protect yourself.

1. Protection

If you can, acquire one or more of the following gemstones:

Black Tourmaline […]

Wiccan Cleansing Ritual

divine light

Every day our energy fields are being interfered with by people, events, and even our own thoughts. Negative energy can attach to us and block our flow, which can bring us down, cause irritation and drain our vitality. It’s important to keep ourselves in check to make sure we are not being too […]

A Spell to Banish Negative Energy

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This incantation will spiritually cleanse a place, and banish unwanted energies. It is very useful for purifying a place of ritual before creating a circle, and also to remove remaining energy from unpleasant visitors after a ritual. You can even use this as a hasty defence to ward off malevolent spirits.

How to remove a curse from an object

how to remove a curse from an object

There are several ways to neutralise an object that has had a curse placed on it. If the curse is weak, a simple purification may be sufficient: immerse the object in a pile of salt or salt-water, expose it to the smoke of incense, or spray it with holy water, […]

A Spell to Banish an Evil Spirit

a spell to banish an evil spirit

The following incantation is a general defence against demons and evil spirits. Not all demons will be defeated with this, but even when the spell is not sufficient to actually overcome the spirit, it can still hurt them enough to keep them at bay.

If spirits threaten me in this place, […]

A Spell to Banish a Ghost

a spell to banish a ghost

To banish a ghost:

This banishing spell will expel a ghost from the world of the living and into the afterlife. If you are seeking to free a benevolent ghost who actually wants to leave the physical world, then it would be a better idea to perform a spell to help […]

Exorcism Spell – Latin Prayer/ Incantation

exorcism prayer

The method of exorcism most useful against demons is to recite an incantation which is long and detailed, which is heavily charged with energy that comes not from the mind, but from the glory of the gods. This kind of exorcism is often used by religions such as Christianity, because you do not […]

A Spell for Removing Anger

spell to ease anger

This is a quick and simple mantra which can be recited without setting up a proper ritual. It can be used for yourself or for other people.

You are advised to add a very simple gesture to this spell – take a stone, and envision the anger you want to remove flowing into this stone. […]