A Wiccan Spell to Increase Libido

This is a spell to increase your partner’s libido or sexual stamina. It can be used for men and women. Ideally, you should ask your partner for permission before performing this spell, as they may not want a higher libido.

You can also perform this spell for yourself if you want to increase your sexual stamina or libido.

This spell is to be performed three nights in a row.

spell to increase libido

For this libido spell, you will need:

  • A photo of your partner (or yourself, if you are performing it for your libido)
  • 4 red candles and one white candle
  • A few drops of essential oil for your astrological sign
  • Ylang ylang incense
  • 3 mint leaves
  • A red garnet stone

For this spell, dress in red.  If you don’t have a red outfit, something like a red scarf will do, as long as you wear something red.  Put a few drops of the essential oil in a bowl of water and wash your hands in it to purify yourself.

How to Cast the Wiccan Libido Spell

Place the red candles on all cardinal points, and the white candle in the middle. Put the incense to the left of the white candle, and the garnet stone and mint leaves in an offering bowl to the right of the white candle. Put the picture of your partner or yourself in front of the candle.

Now draw the circle, and light the red candles, followed by the white candle and finally the incense.  Take the white candle, and drop a few drops of wax onto the photo.

Pick up the offering bowl with the mint leaves and garnet stone, and visualise the circle being filled with a red light, the colour of passion and libido. Carry on visualising until you feel that the air surrounding you really is filled with the energy of passion. Now, stay focused on this, while repeating the following incantation for increasing your lover’s (or your own) libido. Repeat it five times:

“I invoke thee, Aphrodite, goddess of love,
Awaken the fire within (name of person)
Awaken his/her desire and passion
Now and forever
For the highest good”

Thank the Goddess, and then extinguish the candles, and close the circle. Let the incense burn to the end. Repeat three nights in a row for a fully restored libido.

Successfully performing a spell is an art that comes about with practice. The better you are at working with magickal energy, the better your results will be.  The Essence of Magick is a guide which teaches the art of spellcasting by aligning energy and intent. If you'd like to know more,click here.

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