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Wiccan Spells

Welcome to your online resource of magick spells! You’ll find everything here, from healing spells to love spells to money spells, for the beginner, intermediate and the advanced practitioner. Welcome in, take a look around!

If you’re just learning about Wicca, you might want to read Wicca: The Basics. If you already know your way around spellcraft, then take a look at the magick spells via the categories and tags to your left.

For those of you who want to go deeper into magick, to gain a profound understanding of its workings and learn how to influence your life for the better, take a look at my book, “The Essence of Magick“. I wrote it because I wanted to share with you everything that I have learned throughout the years; to show you that YOU are a true magician who can create whatever life you want for yourself, a powerful creator with great influence over your reality – and this book will teach you how!

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Blessed be.

Would you like to learn how to write your own spells? Take a look at The Essence of Magick for a deeper insight into how magick works, and how to use it to achieve a joyful and fulfilled life!