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My name is Amaris Silver Moon, and I have been following the Craft for over 10 years. I made this website to help my fellow Wiccan brothers and sisters bring love, light and peace into their lives.

Blessed be!

Free Wiccan Spells – Online Book of Shadows

Wiccan Spells – Your Online Book of Shadows

Wiccan Spells

Welcome to your online resource of magick spells.  You’ll find everything here, from healing spells to love spells to money spells, for the beginner, intermediate and the advanced practitioner, as well as personalised spells upon request.

So welcome in, take a look around!  If you’re just learning about Wicca, you might want to read Wicca: The Basics.  If you already know your way around spellcraft, then take a look at our magick spells via the categories and tags to your left.

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I will shortly be publishing an e-book which I have written to deeper explain my understanding of the Craft, and to show you how you can compose or tweak spells yourself.  I’m very excited to share it with you all!  It will answer a lot of the questions I have received from you so far about magick – so watch this space ;)

Blessed be.